Where’s Your Voltage?

Does being in charge make you a leader? Absolutely not.

Authority is not leadership. Influence is leadership.

While we cannot entirely disconnect authority from the leadership equation, I don’t believe we should begin there. From the earliest days, we have been guided and instructed to not confuse a position of authority with a call to lead. Because many of us are in danger of getting this wrong, there’s an abrupt distinction between how you are to lead and the way things typically operate in the world.

What is the “not so” of leadership referring to here?

It’s the type of leader who seeks authority for their own personal gain. Instead, the best leaders, the Elegant Leaders are the ones aligned with true principles and a vision for leadership to lead as servants aware of their responsibility and who answer to their purpose.

Do you want to be a “not so with you” kind of leader?

I know what it looks like and feels like to use the gun of authority to get people moving. There is another way. An Elegant Way and even if you have the authority and a position of leadership, an inspiring leader does not need to leverage that authority. The “not so with you” kind of leaders learn there are ways to cultivate influence and build trust. Empathy, perspective and cooperation evolve from influence and trust. This leadership model is a more powerful way to lead, one you can exercise regardless of the presence or absence of authority.[kleo_gap size=”10px” class=”” id=””]

What are you doing to cultivate influence today? 

The Elegant Leader with Voltage system evolved from nearly thirty years of good to great times and devastating and distraught ones as well. I don’t want to see you transitioned, outplaced, released to the competition anymore. By adding value to your quiver of skills – hard and soft – the likelihood of that circumstance recurring are slim…and he left town. You can do this – and more quickly than you might think because these days you have access to more tools than ever. [kleo_gap size=”10px” class=”” id=””]

“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” – Tony Robbins

I teach Executives and business professionals like you to lead with greater confidence, to be more decisive on less than clean data and build momentum.  You will become unstuck, surpass your expectations and win as an Elegant Leader with Voltage with a reliable blueprint and proven process. I show you how to overcome the 4 traps that hold you back and keep you overwhelmed and anxious without taking any more time out of your impossible schedule. Not everyone is comfortable making any kind of change in life – this is why I’ve created several entry points so you can overcome whatever fear, doubt or uncertainty you’re living with.

What if change and learning were more fun, useful and rewarding?

What becomes possible if you were more energized instead of enduring the daily grind? 

What do you think will happen if you don’t change anything?

How long can you tolerate the painful years of mediocrity?

You’re responsible for maximizing your momentum and to influence your people, your team, and your organization with Impact. We ensure commitment and build alignment with your team. We give you clarity about organizational strategy and direction, help you make better decisions with incomplete information and gain confidence in the unknown. We show you how to implement and accelerate difficult changes, AND improve your business relationships concurrently.

The most successful leaders influence others to embrace and implement their ideas. Unfortunately, even at the top levels of an organization, many leaders struggle with how to really influence others. Some leaders are “one-trick ponies,” relying on one approach with every situation. That’s like trying to fix a car with only a single tool. Others tend to go to extremes, which might get results but will eventually hurt relationships. Still, others avoid conflict and don’t say what really needs to be said. As a result:[kleo_gap size=”10px” class=”” id=””]

  • It is harder to get things done up, down, and across the organization.

  • It feels like everyone isn’t on the same page about expectations.

  • Leading an organization is more frustrating and less fulfilling than it has to be.

There is an art and a science to influence, to know the right conversations to have with others  to get results while still keeping the relationship strong. Specializing in helping leaders, managers, and up-and-coming talent be more influential, we bring you a six-part approach to help you go from goal to result, and position yourself in the most powerful and effective way. Once you learn our process, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it becomes to get things done, get everyone on the same page, set high expectations, and reduce the hassles you face every day. To learn more, we invite you to download our FREE influence planning tool here.

“Leadership is influence and every leader can influence people at every level of a business, corporation or organization. People buy into the leader before they buy into the vision.” – John Maxwell

Have a complimentary tool you can use immediately to have greater job performance, improve communication and engagement with your team, have a healthier work-life balance and become your greatest self here, the Definitive Guide to Elegant Leadership. We can accelerate your evolution by having a no obligation call (205) 482-2177, email me or access my private calendar.

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