There’s a significant difference between your company climate and your culture. In the twenty-plus years we’ve been involved in culture, several iterative ‘names’ have been used and have been feeble attempts to sell you some magical transformation. It’s an evolution and nothing more. So, what is Culture influencing?


  • It’s one of your most significant areas of competitive advantage.

  • It drives high ROI with high-value relationships

  • It identifies a pipeline of potential new leaders.

  • It supports strategic intent.

  • It gives all stakeholders meaningful contribution to a greater purpose or higher need.

  • It grows volunteerism and passion in employees who take ownership while you encourage stewardship.

  • It builds a legacy your leaders can be proud of.

  • It’s a clear, concise and compelling reason for customers to do business with you.

  • It’s the right thing to do!

There is no magic pill and no one has ‘figured it all out’ either, because people have free will to do and act they way they damn well please. What we’ve learned in all these years, through great highs, innovation booms and devastating financial crises is the proven principles we employ – the ones you deploy, work when you work them – without fail, period! And, you have three options.

You can ‘try before you buy’ in using our 90-day Culture Accelerator™ – it’s a quick start program giving you the same blueprint we use in every engagement to get started. What’s missing in it? We know what you will do and we know what you won’t do. Knowing the delta if you move forward helps you avoid when and where you will get off-track.

The second option, it’s likely you have an organizational development group who’s well versed in much of what we facilitate. The problem is they work for you and have adopted the norms, habits and behaviors – good ones and bad ones – that prevent excellence in your organization. The worse part is they can do the work for you, but they don’t have tacit authority – a seat at the table – to get it done. We come alongside you and them to Advance Your Culture™.

Finally, we become part of your organization by Influencing Your Culture in a long-term relationship that guarantees success. There’s a reason we only accept 3 new clients a year, and if you’re willing to have a serious conversation, we’ll lay it all out in the open for you to make a decision. READ MORE…

You’ve read the research. You know why nearly 3 of 4 transformations fail. What have we figured out the big shop suits haven’t? We’re not shoving our agenda down your throats. We don’t force feed you principles your people don’t ‘buy-in’ to. It’s not a transormation – it’s a new model of leadership!

We have a proven methodology that leverages what you do best!

We take what you’re good at and make you better. It doesn’t get any simpler than that, and yet – together – we yield extraordinary results. It’s really more of an ego and fear question if you want to get honest with yourself and your team.[kleo_gap size=”12px” class=”” id=””]

Why do you hesitate to believe and thus implement culture influenceing work for your company?

I’ve heard many of the same answers over the years. The #1 answer is simply – our leadership doesn’t care about anything but profits. Bear with me a minute and let’s follow your logic from January’s past when one of many CEO’s concerns since 2016 has been attracting talent and then keeping talent. If you honestly believe that, then ask yourself:[kleo_gap size=”12px” class=”” id=””]

What advice would you have for someone who wants to work in a company with a healthy culture but knows leadership wont support it?

This answer of not having buy-in from leadership is your single greatest hurdle! At some point, you have to look in the mirror and own it – you really don’t give a shit about anyone outside of you. You’ll invest a portion – a gambler’s wage – to a point. The ones who do care, the ones who are the tip of the spear for you who ‘move the needle’ to get things done, when those who do care give up it’s because they lack your leadership support…it takes time and time is what many leaders fail to believe they have. Truth without grace is mean… and grace without truth is meaningless…

It’s a commonly held belief we can remake and rework product, accept mediocrity and other levels of ‘expected failure’, instead of taking the time to build a foundation and lead well. Harsh? Maybe, but who has the stones to lay it out truthfully? Our competition is selling something. We’ve been in business nearly 30 years creating a movement where personal standards aren’t negotiated, personal integrity is something to hold dear, not make fun of and we literally change our portion of the world one leader at a time. A fact is not a damn slogan!

What would you rather be? Popular? The smartest one in the room? A Master of the Universe?

Or would you rather be successful?

Some say I’m insane to deliver a message in such a manner, or it’s a poke in the eye. While others say I’m attacking the top leader personally. That’s someone else’s poor self-esteem talking and the inability to have a discussion where dissenting opinions on ‘delivery’ are heard and not chastised. We are professional operators on the same level having serious business discussions. Frankly I don’t care whether we work together or not…this is not about me or about anyone’s arrogance or self-centerded stubbornness.

Facts don’t lie! If a leader cannot submit their own ego long enough to listen to valuable insights as to what’s stalling their company and why they don’t have more than basic incremental growth is because they believe in the average – the safe predictability of status quo. You can’t honestly sit there and say you go to work for 4-8 cents on the dollar. You can’t honestly say, ‘…we’re proud of 8% market share.’ Anyone can buy, borrow or build to attain 10-12% for goodness sakes. If that’s good enough for you, then great, rock on! Don’t waste your time reading another word.

If it’s not good enough, then ask the question! Ask yourself, your leadership team and of the ones implementing your strategy and tactics:

What is preventing excellence around here and why am I tolerating anything less than excellence?

If you’re serious about enhancing your employees lives and those of your end user.

If you’re serious about your businesses success.

If you care about having a positive impact on your community, then follow what your gut is telling you to do…

Workplaces are counting on you to lead! The links in the article above give you data and insight into how and what we do. You’re welcome to see the Blueprint for yourself in the book recently published, The Culture Change Advantage.

And if you’re interested in a challenging discussion with your leadership team, then I’d suggest picking up this book, Influencing Culture:  Accelerating Change with Influence and Impact.  Either book is worth millions to you if you have the courage to challenge yourself and your team. As always, you can reach out via email or set up a time to bounce ideas here.

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