Film Doesn’t Lie

A client in Memphis increased their revenue by 11% in the first quarter and reduced their transaction costs by 14%, according to their report. They reached these targets by taking share from their competitors all while industry sales are down and give much of the credit for these improvements to the strategic coaching initiatives we implemented together.

“I’ve had consultants come in before and they simply validated what I already knew.  Scott brings a no-nonsense approach to re-establish the disciplines that were successful before and challenged us as a leadership team, and our managers, to think more comprehensively with the people we have today.” – B. Davidson, President

“Scott truly listened to us. He understood the problems we had and didn’t just give us the answers. He showed us a system of what we already do well and allowed us the freedom to execute. We now communicate and anticipate better as a group and solve problems more quickly” – T. White, COO

“We were stuck, spinning our wheels and watching thousand dollar bills fly out the window daily. Scott gave us a gameplan, a system, that worked within our parameters and helped us deliver on-time, complete and at the margins we must have to succeed and grow.” – S. Atkinson, CFO

It’s not rocket surgery and it’s not some voodoo vaporware. I’ve spent nearly three decades developing, proving and fine-tuning a methodology and the frameworks to go from cradle-to-grave that deliver results. Much of my career has centered on evaluating talent. As the NFL draft draws near, analysts and professional evaluators of talent agree on one thing – Film Doesn’t Lie.

This statement holds true in business, also as facts don’t lie! Whether it’s strategic implementation, culture influencing or executive coaching, you can’t argue with top line growth and improving operational efficiencies. Even if you’re skeptical about the value of coaching or consulting, improvements in key measurables are infuenced when you have an impartial sounding board challenging ‘how we do things around here’ and moving you to ‘how we’re expected to do things around here’ – huge difference. There are three reasons why it might make sense for us to have a brief discussion about how working together may help you with your most ambitious goals:

ONE: Unlike other programs, what we do is laser-focused on achieving ambitious results with a direct impact on your sales and profits.

 TWO: Studies show the type of work we deliver typically results in a ROI to you between $4 and $8 for every dollar invested.

 THREE: Before we start any program, we both agree the potential for a 5 to 10 times return on the investment back to you in specific, measurable value. If the value isn’t there for you, I won’t waste your time or mine.

We do what few people do and that’s put the track record to work for you. You don’t talk to multiple people, nor are you filtered through some bank of operators. Pick a time that works for you for a 15-20 minute phone call, share what’s working or not working and let’s discuss options that work for you. You can access my private calendar here.

Feel free to pour through our website and get your free report:  4-Steps to Dominate Your Market – to developing a strategy that dominates your competition, and actually gets implemented.

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