An Adventure Too Good to Miss

Most of us men struggle not with the fact that we’re designed for adventure. On some level, we can accept that. No, we struggle with what, exactly, we’re supposed to call“adventure.” We like to define it on our own terms – what is an adventure and what is not.

The word itself conjures images of climbing mountains, or jumping from airplanes, or backpacking deep into the backcountry. And these are adventures, sure. What about when we feel that tug, that gnawing feeling of God calling us to confess something to our Christian brothers, something embarrassing to our pride. ‘I can’t do that.’ What we’re thinking is I’m afraid of what everyone else will think of me. I don’t want to let other people see what lies deep in the darkness no one is supposed to see or some derivative. Do you not know #ManUp is a ‘no judgement zone?’

What about when God calls us to risk a friendship by engaging in a tough conversation. Conflict is not always a bad thing. Conflict, when done right, is a dialogue of differences of opinions, thoughts, ideas, needs and feelings. In #ManUp we’re going to discover the 7 Levels of Communication and unpack why conflict exists. We’ll also discuss the four methods to resolve conflict.

#ManUp is about friendship, encouraging one another and having each other’s back with and through accountability. It’s a small group on steroids! And, we’ll have fun along the way.

What about when God calls us to take a risk with our careers or our finances?

What about when God simply calls us to serve others in a way that makes us uncomfortable? Are these less worthy of the title, adventure? No, of course, not. And, truly, aren’t these things more likely the adventures for which God designed us?

I remember the first time I went on a solo dive in the Gulf. The sun shone brightly through the blue-green emerald waters and stayed that way for a dozen feet or so. Then the blue-green began to muddle a bit. At another dozen feet is began to peel back to a gray and I began to feel my adrenaline began to flow, my heart beating faster. I then remembered my box breathing – stayed there a minute and calmed myself down. This was certainly an adventure! The point is I had to become comfortable with my discomfort as the light began to disappear and I had to trust my training. #ManUp is being comfortable being uncomfortable.

Problem – Solution

Next problem is we tend to mistakenly view God’s adventures as unwanted interruptions, unpleasant hindrances, or unnecessary risks to the comfortable safe lives we’ve worked so very hard to create for ourselves and our families. Hey, those are more mythic things than what we’re designed for. Don’t miss the great days, the great moments, and the great stories God wants to share . . . that he dreamt of, so long ago (Ephesians 1:3-6, 2:10).

What’s Next?

Reorient. When confronted by interruptions, obstacles or opportunities for risk, take a few moments and ask yourself – could these situations have been intentionally placed in my way for a reason? Come see what #ManUp is all about

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