The Culture Whisperer

What I Whisper In The Dark Should Be Shouted From The Rooftops


Your organization needs to turn around performance, elevate growth or both. The issues go deeper than strategy and financial performance. In today’s economy where consumer demands and shifting markets change rapidly, only the fittest organizations will survive and thrive. The answers are meat-on-the-bone solutions in an ever-changing business climate you can implement now! We optimize your objectives with culture intelligence to drive sustainable results.

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We break through the critical human and cultural integration challenges obstructing your company’s ability to sustain competitive advantage.  You want to preserve a working core of your culture, but you know you must expand your organization’s capacity for collaboration, innovation, and productivity to drive results! Widely recognized as a leading authority and successful practitioner of Influencing Culture, J. Scott Spector, Founder and Managing Partner, delivers proven solutions to overcome today’s challenges in a simple, practical, and powerful manner. 

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