Where Is Your Whisper Gallery?

The half-dome shape of National Statuary Hall – also known as the Old Hall of the House, is the large, two-story, semicircular room south of the Capitol Rotunda – produces an acoustical effect whereby, in some spots many yards away, you may be heard more clearly than someone standing next to you. This is the ‘whisper gallery’. The modern-day echoes occur in different locations from those in the 19th century, when the floor and ceiling of the hall were different.

Where do you go to find your own whisper gallery? Over the years for me that location has changed. It’s been when I would walk my dog as a child, leaving the ball field as a kid, walking the fairways as a teen, sitting under a magnolia tree at college and so on. Some days it’s easier to hear than others. Mostly, I guess, because of the noise of life attempting to drown out the peaceful existence I so desperately seek. Nowadays, it happens in a variety of ways, places and times; it’s never the same and I’m grateful for the experience.

When I started going through the Bible looking for whispers, I had to #GoDeeper to find what I was searching for (isn’t that always the case). There are whisper galleries everywhere! Jacob had a dream in Bethel. David had the cave of Adullam, the hiding place. Daniel heard the whispered thunder upstairs. Moses, Samuel, Elijah all heard whispers. He whispers in unusual places, ways and times doesn’t he? Opening doors, closing doors, moving appearances into divine appointments and so on. He whispers through prompting, people and circumstances.

Whispers come to those who listen. It comes when you’re still, getting closer, going deeper. Part of having a relationship is having a conversation just as if you were reading this article. The whisper gallery at the capitol is an architectural marvel, whether it was built purposefully or not. God speaks to us when we’re still and willing to listen. It is His architectural marvel.

Maybe you don’t believe in any of this and that’s your prerogative. You still need a place to seek solitude and get a sense of peace and calm. Your whisper gallery is a special place. We all needs a respite from the toil and trials of life. Take spirituality out of the equation, regardless, you need a place to get some peace and quiet. Whether it’s ten minutes to two hours, we all need time to be still and quiet. The serendipity of it all is when we are still and quiet, we hear the whisper we so desperately seeks. Part of the miracle that is your whispering gallery is finding it. It’s yours and yours alone. It’s time to find a place, make time to be still and listen for His whisper. If you’re interested in learning more about the Power of a Whisper or need a sounding board, simply let me know here. 

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