Trust IN the process

What does trust look like these days?

Where do you go to find trust?

How do you find trust when you’re afraid?

It sounds too easy to say the Nike catchphrase, ‘Just Do It’, but it can be done. Elegant Leadership with Voltage is grounded in the rhythm between Ego, Results and Relationships. They are intertwined with a small space of connection among the three that has tremendous impact – Grace. The enabling power and spiritual healing required to Lead Elegantly. ‘Believes’ means ‘trusts’.

We tell ourselves over and again in times of struggle to, “trust in God’s process.” Repeating it until all you can do is believe. There is no weapon stronger to fight the enemy than the Word of God – find trust in God and His process. All relationships require trust. And all relationships will end – whether by choice, by death or some other situation. Every time we enter a relationship, we take a risk.  Trust in a dynamic relationship grows and endures. It’s part of the process and His process. What do you believe? In whom do you trust?  When it get’s tough, and it will, come back to speaking Scripture over yourself, turn to God in your fear and call out to Him when your trust is fading.

“Know what you want to accomplish and focus on the process rather than the outcome.” – Nick Saban

When we change jobs, we take our good behaviors with us, and our bad ones too. In time, we all show who we truly are – behaviors are irrefutable. The underlying principle here is trust others. The lack of trust – the cracks and flaws expose who we are. We demonstrate trust by being trustworthy. By being someone of integrity, we can be trusted even though we fall short and will never be perfect. For some business leaders, it’s easy to find ourselves in the trap of working IN our business versus working ON our business. When we put the four pillars of Elegant Leadership – heart, head, hands and habits – into practice and trust our people to do what they were hired to perform, the results returned are what’s expected.

How do we build trust in the process? We build the foundation of trust by seeking wisdom, discernment and the revealing notes from that search. As business leaders, we need this wisdom to know when to establish, develop, nurture, correct, reconcile and elevate our relationships. We need discernent to help us avoid unnecessary divisions and disunity as well as how to move relationships, business, and people forward. We need help in building trust and cooperation through empathy and perspective from our faith. This is where and why the heart is so vital to a leader’s success. So far we’ve been talking about trusting in the process when the day’s are good – the waters are calm. But what about adding the element of stress and pressure, or as my military clients call, ‘scorched earth’?

In the Eye of the Storm

…when there is pain and uncertainty involved in our own lives, what do we do, where do we turn?

When we’ve found ourselves engulfed and buried inside one of life’s many storms, it becomes much easier to self-protect, to avoid the suffering. Anyone can lead oneself, another, a small group and a business or organization in times of peace and prosperity. It takes a courageous leader, an Elegant Leader with Voltage, to successfully lead under the daily grind, stress and pressures of looming deadlines – the scorched earth of the world we live in today. How do we step back, control or anticipate the stress?

Do the right thing at the right time for the right reason

With nearly thirty years of observation, testing, implementing, fine-tuning and retesting, here’s what we’ve found – check your heart. It’s not just important to know ‘what’ you are doing, but ‘why’ are you doing it the way you’re doing it. Are your motives clear, sound? Look, none of us follow the law perfectly. But even if you could obey the letter of the law, your motives may be wrong. To step out of the eye of the storm and be right, you not only need to live perfectly but to live perfectly for the right reasons. Since no human can do this, your only hope to have your heart in the right place so your motives are pure.

When your heart, your motives, your ‘why’ are in the proper order, only then will you have the capacity to have your head follow correctly and successfully. Get it out of order and it’s likely all hell breaks lose. Years of facts and data don’t lie. Maybe a little searching of your motives will reveal a crack or flaw you can overcome is what’s next, if you’re willing.

When we just stand still and not look to the right or left, we will see how His hand has been spinning us on the wheel like clay. No matter what we face in our professional or personal lives, I pray for your peace, your strength and your trust in Him. Because we are human, we don’t see or know what He does. We don’t see the intricate crafting of our story the way He does.

Trust, Honesty, Commitment. Hold onto the Vision even when you can’t see it – Trust IN the Process

The Rhythm of Elegant Leadership keeps you grounded, gives you clarity when you trust IN the process in the eye of the storm. When we feel like life is falling apart at every turn, his grace and mercy have everything falling into place. My hope for you is to be awakened, strengthened and at peace in the knowledge and truth of what’s before you in all situations.

Some of you are in a season right now where you feel few good things are happening and more bad things keep piling on. It’s natural to feel discouraged, hopeless and alone. I get it. I’ve been there. I’m walking through a season right now that’s incredibly challenging on every level of my life. We are called to let go of the agony and fear of ‘what’s next.’ Elegant Leaders are called to a higher purpose – we are to belive and act on that purpose even when it asks us to risk the comfort of everyday life. He is using this season right now to stretch, bend, purify, and refine you.

It’s an adventure, a journey, a battle. This is your battle – your time! Our character and faith after the Lord puts us through His refining process and becomes that much stronger and resilient. By the way, one of the unique experiences we have here at the Elegant Leader with Voltage is no one said you have to go it alone. Even when we have a project that concludes, our relationship continues no strings attached. That’s the beauty of it. So, grab a friend or two and invite Him with you. We’ll make it together! If you’re looking to make a difference in the lives of people you lead, then joining the Elegant Leader movement is your next best move. Read more…

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