Like You Have Time for a Top 10


#1 Don’t Read This Book

What’s possible in implementing successful change is entirely within your control. What becomes possible is the momentum you uncover along the way that delivers sustainability. You just need someone to ‘pop the clutch’. Here are my 3 Promises to You AND because it’s Christmas. I’ll give you the book FREE, simply contact me and ask for a copy.

#2 How-to Overcome the Irrational of Change

With 7 out of 10 change initiatives being a failure, some would say, ‘why bother’ or give it a cursory swag attempt. We’ve been in this space for twenty-one years and our track record of 94% success speaks for itself in a simple, powerful, practical and graceful methodology…see for yourself.

#3 Ask the Question

Here are the answers to the Top 3 questions: What will it take to facilitate sustainable change in your organization? What would  successful change mean for your organization? What outcome must you have over the next 12 months?

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Here are the ones that didn’t make our Top 3 and were highly read, discussed and acted upon:[kleo_gap size=”12px” class=”” id=””]

8 Ways to Lead Elegantly

The question I always get is, ‘What does Leading Elegantly really mean…like can you give me a quick peek into what’s it all about?’ Sure! What do you think prevents YOU from being a great leader? We think we don’t have time to Lead the way we should – Elegantly – so we discount the relationship as an ‘interruption’. You asked for the ‘blue pill’ well here it is![kleo_gap size=”12px” class=”” id=””]

Understanding Why Change Now

Sustainable change is about momentum. Momentum changes in response to shifting context, environment and interpersonal dynamics. You cannot expect a neutral culture to merely ‘be’. You are rarely in the driver’s seat when it comes to culture. You influence and evolve a team or company culture intentionally…to do that, you must have clarity and alignment.[kleo_gap size=”12px” class=”” id=””]

The Why-, What- and How-to Change

Here we take an insiders look at a preferred culture. We see a company who’s desired state is a ‘Create and Collaborate’ culture. Once we dug beneath the surface, the client decided ‘perhaps we need to adjust’ from the preferred culture of the survey results and move to be a more Competetive culture.[kleo_gap size=”12px” class=”” id=””]

The Currency of an Elegant Leader.

The title of this article sent some of you off-track. This article sets the tone for what’s missing in your specific situation. Grab the Elegant Culture Pyramid™ and understand how you can infuse the missing link ‘after all this time.'[kleo_gap size=”12px” class=”” id=””]

Do You Really Know How-to Engage & Mobilize Your Team

On a recent Culture Influencing project with a midwestern manufacturer of 400 employees, we institued a streamlined approach of biweekly informal conversations involving 7 questions. Small, informal conversations about performance go a long way – especially when they include teachable moments about different situations and details. On average, the conversation duration was 42 minutes. Engagement numbers of employees highly engaged rose from 12% to 33% and actively disengaged declined from 54% to 29%.

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