Everything! Can you turn ALL your employees into Top Performers? Why not? When an employee is terminated for poor performance, it may mean you missed a great opportunity. An opportunity to perhaps turn a struggling group of people into a top group of peak performers that benefit both you and them. Q-school, as it’s known, is a field of 150-plus aspiring Web.com tour players with a squint and a farmer’s tan set to complete in the Final Stage this week in Winter Garden, FL for one of 45 spots to secure guaranteed starts for the first portion of the 2017 Web.com Tour season. Miss the 45, and in the words of now President-elect Trump, “you’re fired,” and you’re banished to one of the lesser mini-tours until next year’s Q-school. Failure to hit the mark in providing results and value for your employer and guess what, you’re fired!

Many of these players have a “support system” – a group of coaches, managers, nutritionists, sports psychologists, etc. These coaches focus on HOW to play better by improving their swing techniques, short game, putting, chipping, bunker play, etc. from the practice tee. From the practice tee, the hundreds and thousands of reps they perform influence with impact WHAT they do on the course under tense competition. Just as in golf, or in any sport for that matter, coaching is a key part of HOW a team or an individual operates and WHAT results or expected outcomes are required. When used effectively and efficiently (means doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason), utilizing coaching at all levels can minimize poor performance, reduce turnover, create a better working environment, thus retaining talent.

In sports, we hold coaches responsible when a team struggles, so why not do the same in your business?

Managers and above must know how to identify issues as well as have the ability and capacity to develop and/or to train each employee to perform at his or her optimal best. Swing coaches have a keen eye and understand the laws, principles and preferences of the golf swing in order to effectively communicate simply and powerfully how the player must execute each shot and each swing thought. Coaches have the required skills and business acumen to effectively communicate simply and powerfully how the manager can optimize and maximize each employees potential for success. Here are our 7 Interdependent Mindsets we keep in rhythm when working with business and sports clients:

Relationships. Every success at work and on the golf course is directly tied to the relationship between the client or the player and the coach by delivering value in terms of results based upon trust and commitment.

Results. The focus is on results and the process required to attain those results all in rhythm. In order to create a clear, concise and compelling message, we keep relationships and results in rhythm to create a powerful future. Drive for show and putt for dough.

Encouragement. Everyone has bad days and poor tournament scores. On those days when you’re stuck in your own way of negativity and despair, we create and maintain your focus on what’s possible and not some polyana Weaselspeak. We encourage you to push forward and gain clarity when things get difficult or challenging.

Communicating Simply and Powerfully. Our dialogue is simple, clear and concise in order for us to gain understanding from you, to explore your issues and to test solutions together in order for you to reach your goals.

Capacity. We will expand your capacity and performance over the long term. It’s not for one round, one event, one season or one level of success.

Accountable. Having an open, honest and authentic dialogue means holding your feet to the fire if you don’t do what you say you will do – not judgmental nor pontificating; real and sincere is what’s delivered.

Committed. We are your stake in the ground for what you can be and do. We are your unwavering commitment as we represent your most ambitious and inspiring goals in business, in life and on the golf course.

The best and most effective way to achieve peak performance AND retention is to have your managers coach all their employees! Whether you need a resource to coach your coaches, coach your managers on coaching their employees or how to create a learning and coaching environment for your business, let us help you to minimize turnover and loss of talent through coaching and development of your teams and their leaders!

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