Executive Session: Setting Strategic Direction



These are some of the typical conversations executives are having with me lately. Are you tired and frustrated with these scenarios?

  • Your executive team lacks common ground and language for the strategy, spending more time arguing instead of executing.
  • Your strategic planning process cascades too many ideas and competing priorities. The organization becomes frustrated and lacks capacity and capabilities ensuring mediocrity of everything.
  • After the strategic plan is written down and passed around, it ends up sitting on a shelf and few of the initiatives are executed effectively.

If you don’t do anything, what do you think will happen?

We provide you with a complete three-part strategic direction and accountability process that gets everyone on the same page and allows you to:

  • Answer the most important strategic questions to regain your organization’s edge;
  • Agree on only the most important priorities required for successful implementation; and
  • Bake into the process accountability and structure ensuring your strategy actually gets implemented.

The process doesn’t require a large team of consultants as we draw on your employees’ knowledge and expertise. Our methodology is efficient and not invasive, and most organizations we work with complete the process via a series of three facilitated meetings over four months.

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