Knowing His Purpose

There are a few steps we all take leading up to finding and knowing His personal and/or professional purpose for your life:

To Know God – having an intimate relationship with Him

To Find Freedom – walking through our wounds and scars and allowing God’s touch to heal us.

Do I think we sometimes ebb and flow, back and forth or occasionally repeat a step, perhaps relearning on a deeper level as our relationship with Him evolves, grows and deepens? Yes. By no means do I have all the answers. I will, however, share from my own personal journey what I’ve uncovered as steps to knowing His purpose.

In Step 2 of Elegant Leader with Voltage, the theme of Get Comfortable in Your Own Skin is expanded upon. Paul gave up all his stuff so he could ‘personally experience the resurrection power and go all the way with him to death.’ Phill 3:10. A friend and I were texting the other week and he nailed it – we can’t have Resurrection Sunday without Good Friday!

When the urge strikes you to skip a step because ‘you know where you must get to’, you’re seeking to fulfill your own purpose, even when your intent and motives are pure, but they may be driven by pride, fear, guilt, anger, money or dozens of things; only you know. What next step would you take if you were motivated out of love for Him and a desire to worship Him?

Purpose is chosen by Him not something we come up with. We have a purpose and a destiny. Psalm 138:8

The Messy Middle: When I first introduce people to what Elegant Leadership is all about, why it matters and how to implement the strategies, they uncover the 4 Traps of Indecision…one of which is being stuck. An earlier post here spoke to Joseph’s situation in the pit. He was stuck and it became a time of discovery of His power and presence during his own adversity. Many of us ask the juvenile question when ‘stuff’ happens to us, ‘WHY?’ Not being disrespectful, understand why is an emotional reaction and not a mature response to gain understanding. WE’RE HURT! We don’t like it; so, we ask why?

When you’re in the messy middle step of finding His purpose for your life, ask a powerful mature question, such as, ‘Lord, how am I supposed to respond here?’ This question puts your submits your heart and head (ego) into the proper perspective to learn, discern and gain wisdom. Sometime later, as we mature and #GoDeeper IT will be revealed to you.

Forging with Voltage: Some like to call this step pruning, shaping, molding, etc. Have you heard someone tell you to ‘be still or be still and listen’? What does that mean to you? It means different things to all of us because we are all on a different place and time on our journeys. We’re in His hands. Also, in an earlier post here I shared about pruning and forged by fire, trials shaped and developing a ‘Christ-like’ heart.

We’ve been conditioned over the years to go out and ‘make it happen’ because we don’t want to be the ones who ‘watched it happen’ or asked ‘what happened.’ It’s not a box to be checked or a milestone to reach on a timeline. It’s going deeper – preparation and testing are intertwined – the deepening of the relationship with Him that must take place; you do have a choice and free will. Forging may also be experienced as character transformation moving your mind to allow His work in your heart.

The Wound: It feels like being cut off, exiled to an isolated island…wasn’t it John who was left on Patmos and where he wrote Revelation? And, didn’t God turn his ‘messy middle’ into messages from a messenger? And wasn’t David a great messenger writing Psalms that comfort us to this day…passing through the valley, ‘we’re called into His presence that unveils a deeper understanding of our relationship with Him.’ How is God testing your mettle? What does this preparation look like – not feel like – and what can you now see?

That Cursed Tree:  We’re on a journey and we’re using the Word as our periscope since we were marooned on that wounded island to navigate our Earthly realm to eventually fulfill His purpose for our lives. We all carry our own cross to heal and to carry…in that order, too. We also need help in carrying our cross just as we need to mature spiritually. He’s written our story, knows our cross and uses it to His glory designed to bring us closer to Him so we lose our selves. We cannot crucify ourselves, because it takes someone to drive the 3rd nail. David had someone. Joseph had his brothers and Jesus had Judas.

‘Betrayal is the graduate course for leaders.’- Os Hillman

‘If you don’t pick up your cross, you will be crushed by it.’ -Jim Caviezel, Passion of the Christ.

In the three examples above and in our own lives, we are nothing until we’ve been betrayed and come to know as close as we can on earth the fellowship of Christ’s suffering. We all want the celebration of Easter, yet we’re reticent to pay the price of Good Friday. We all must experience the wound to know his grief. Wasn’t it Jesus who said, ‘blessed are you when people insult, ridicule, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me?’ Matt 5:11…asking for a friend. To heal our own wounds, we are to forgive others’ sins Matt 6:15…lest our Father not forgive our own.

Building an Elegant Community:  It is all about relationships (Step 5 in the 7-Steps book) and we all need each other and it’s one of the best values of His plan – for us to come together for a cause greater than ourselves. ‘The 12’ were ill-equipped, largely uneducated ‘average and below average’ men – building community, strengthening relationships for a singular mission. Who else has had a ‘Band of Brothers’ with such influence and impact? David? Daniel? There’s incredible power in the vision of building community through a group of people. Gen 11:6 Isn’t there strength in numbers? 5 will chase 100 and 100 will chase 10,000 Lev 26:8 and of course, the 3-strand cord Eph 4:12

Many of us work through addition, but God works in multiplication…there’s unity in numbers! How can you best find a purpose and through your relationships with others to build community that influence and impact His kingdom?

Solving Elegant Problems:  The final step in knowing His purpose is our own problem-solving capacity. In the 7-Steps to Become an Elegant Leader with Voltage, the steps guide us through a new awareness and process of leadership maturity. The prize or promise of this maturation process is the opportunity to solve some problems greater than you’ve solved before. Solving problems is a gift – wisdom, discernment and revelation – give you authority where God wants you to operate.

We gain more influence by being better ourselves and providing solutions to people, businesses and organizational cultures. I’ve always used this term and have a section in the book on ‘bricks and bouquets’ or compliments and complaints. Bricks come from the enemy in the form of doubt, fear, anxiety, etc. Here’s a mindset shift for you. Instead of avoiding them, fleeing from them; embrace them as you know they’re coming and let God use them as building blocks to grow His kingdom and let His power solve those problems for you. He has the solution for you and for me! What problem has God called you to solve? Eph 2:10

Walking through each season and even backtracking every now and then will eventually unveil His purpose for you so you can go out and make a difference in the lives of others. The process of becoming an Elegant Leader with Voltage uncovers God’s grace in the rhythm of ego, results and relationships in a simple, powerful, practical and graceful manner.

#DoSimpleBetter – simple

#GoDeeper – powerful

#AnAudienceOfOne – practical

#EveryoneMatters – graceful

Would you like to know more about His purpose for you, how you can make a difference in the lives of others or to know what Elegant Leadership can do for you? Each month we take the first four Monday’s from 6:30 – 7:15pm CDT and share our FirstSteps growth track. Our complementary weekly program is curated for you to stick your toe in the water to see if ‘it works for you’. You don’t have to follow the steps in order and they’re LIVE not a taped evergreen webinar. Click here for more information…


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