Hope After His Rescue

In the movie, Oceans Eleven with Brad Pitt, his character is asked, ‘do you feel like committing suicide?’ and his answer was, ‘only in the morning.’ Understand my context here – I’m not making light or condoning suicide. Life is sacred and by the grace of God, I like many of you are living proof of that gift. So, relax! Yet, we ALL struggle with life on this rock, daily!

Sometimes it’s a struggle to get through the night and other times it’s it’s in the morning. Life’s funny that way, when you don’t know how you’re going to get through the day. It is never hopeless. I’ll repeat that – life is never without hope. What I do know is He will always rescue you. Now, it most certainly may not be in the manner you think or even pray for. But know this, he will never not rescue you from your circumstances, from  your pain, from your struggles, from your fears, from all of the crap ‘life’ throws your way. Living on a fallen world is part and parcel of the deal while we’re here.

Remember, and this is a big one that’s why I’m repeating it – your rescue isn’t going to look like what you think it’s going to look like. He rescued you already whether you realize it or not. You may not have received that rescue and that’s for another discussion. To tie a bow on it before I move on know that His Son was the cost. Your sin debt has been paid in full. Frankly, everything is an easier day how than without that. You may just not see that.

But you are in despair, it’s dark and you’re all alone. I get it. No ones there, no one’s listening and no one seems to care. These are particular circumstances you now face, you ask for a miracle – a different rescue. You’re fearful of what you’re in now. You’re scared of what may come next. You cry out ‘where are you Lord’, ‘why don’t you hear me’ and ‘help me’. Ok.

How do you want to be rescued?

How will ‘this’ be fixed?

How do you want it ‘to go away’?

Surely, you have some answers here, right? Well, His answer is ‘let go’. Let it go. You keep searching for output. You’re not output. You’re the son, the daughter of the most high God and you always have hope. It’s darkest always before the dawn. You know this! Stop fighting it and expecting a different answer?

Listen for His voice after you’ve shared your deepest fears with him. Your hope is in Him, and there’s always hope with Him. Be closer still and let go of every fear and worry. I’m pretty certain His outcomes for you are better than your own.

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