Am I Doing Enough?

Before we jump into this topic, two things are at play that shape the mindset to stumble into this question. Feelings of depression are echoes from the pain in our past. We don’t want to go down that road. We don’t want to repeat the same mistake. We don’t want that feeling, that emotion ever again. The familiar feelings of anxiety flow over us also like the crush of a wave onto the beach. We worry of what may or may not happen – the uncertainty. We fear what we don’t know can happen. We are afraid if we do or don’t do something. We doubt.

As a result, we stay stuck; motionless so we don’t move forward into the future or backward and relive our past. Am I doing enough draws on the depression of previous mistakes and the worry of pending disapointment. We do more to avoid pain than we do to attempt something new because of these two emotions. What’s the solution?

Let go. The battle is not yours to fight. You will face the enemy many times along your journey, but He will fight the enemy for you! We all want control, yet in this life we are called to let go. Surrender and allow His will to fight what we cannot do alone. Am I doing enough is most easily answered by surrendering your plans and walking through His will for you. Think more with your heart and less with your head and you’ll start getting somewhere; leaving fear, doubt, shame, and worry behind.

All any of us are asked to do is to listen for His voice, trust in His will and repeat. We talk a great deal about alignment in my business; getting everyone on the boat, the bus, etc. Isn’t that what God’s asking of you? Align your heart with his. How else do we live abundantly? ‘But His voice sounds so differently based on whatever circumstance I’m going through,’ is a quote I often hear and even said myself. And, what do you think causes that? Could it be because you haven’t responded to each different sound He’s said to you? Oh, I get it now.

We see with our eyes, we hear with our ears and we communicate with our mouths. When you expect Him to communicate with you, doesn’t it help to have your heart receive Him? Asking for a friend…Am I doing enough comes from a false belief we’re not good enough, less than, having such high expectations of ourselves (because we’ve succeeded at everything else we’ve ever done in life or not) that we set unrealistic expectations again and again.

We are called to run our own race. When we’re in alignment with Him, our mindset is quiet and calm and seeking His face. We ask, ‘will You help me see what gets in the way of me believing that You love me right now, no matter how I respond? That you do not love me less based upon my results, my output?’ Personally, this question was the breakthrough I needed to realign myself. No one is immune!

God has a dream for us, too! He doesn’t let it go either because you did this or that. The anxiety we feel, the depression we feel is the restlessness in our hearts when our emotions take over and lie to us there is something He has for us, but we’re not doing it yet. Stop! Back up and recalibrate, realign yourself, restart. Whatever you want to call it, just re-do it! When our heart is in the right place our head will follow. When our head is following our heart, our hands will follow. When our hands are following our head from our hearts, then we can simply be and do His will. This order develops our maturity. We begin to recognize the whisper, His whisper, more readily. He breathed spirit in you, and we recognize His hand.

For some of us, we don’t have as many years as others in the race set before us (numerically speaking, of course). And, we want positive validation upon that day for us to hear, ‘well done good and faithful servant’, right? Why not stop, be still and rest in the peace of that. Know your life is being lived in alignment with His perfect grace. If you’re like me, you go through these turbulent feelings and emotions on occasion. It’s okay. Let’s just not stay there too long. Get a partner. Link up. Find a swim buddy. If you’d like to bounce some ideas of me or want to #GoDeeper, simply let me know here.

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