What if you had someone in your life you can yell at?

What if you had someone you could express all your hurts and frustrations to?

What if you had someone you can be yourself with and not pretend you’re okay?

What if you could tell someone you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Time passes. It passes sixty minutes, sixty seconds at a time. Sometimes each hour seems like an eternity. This life of yours, the one you’re in the middle of right now, seems overwhelming. You just want to get through the day, this hour, let alone tomorrow. You have no idea how to do it; can hardly think and you’re tired of feeling.

You were made to feel! You were made to have emotions. You were made to feel hurt, angers, sadness, love. You were made to feel; all of these and more. Feel excited about opportunity, energized by a challenge, reticent when insecure. It’s going to be okay! But, you don’t know…

I am so overwhelmed, stressed out, maxed out, and distraught . . .

I am brokenhearted, furious, depressed, maybe just done . . .

How do we live in the moment when the hurt is constant? We want the pain to stop, but are we willing to do something about it. One of the issues we have is we want to be in control, because when we feel we’re in control things tend to work out…or do they? There’s the underlying theme, isn’t it? We were made to live through the emotions, all of them. Could it be experiencing our emotions is exactly what we are supposed to be living in the moment? Emotions are good and healthy for us as long as we don’t wallow in the self-defeating ones for too long.

Many guys are fixers and we want to fix what’s broken. We have an obligation, a responsibility to fix stuff.  We can’t repair what’s been shattered in lives and in our broken relationships on our own. We need Him. The question is will you allow God to be with you?

He made you and gave you these feelings, thoughts and emotions. Maybe one simple step is to ask Him for help in deciphering them.  When you allow Him to be with you through these dark days, He will help you see in the storm, through the emotional swings and when nothing else makes any sense.

I spent an afternoon in Utopia, a sleep town in the Texas Hill Country where the Sabinal river meanders. It was a peaceful sight and to see the green waters rush by, to feel the coolness with each ripple and to touch the bald cypress lining the river banks was a sight to behold. David Cook wrote the book 7 Days in Utopia that was later turned into a movie starring Robert Duval and Luke Black, one of my favorites. The messages in the book, the movie and in walking through the dusty Texas town ring as true today as they did thousands of years ago.

Seek His Face. Feel His Presence. Trust His Love.

His eyes are on you, and His arms are around you. With each tear you shed, He cries too. You are not shattered into a million broken pieces that can never be fixed. You are neither weak, powerless, hopeless, or trapped. He is steadfast and He knows your pain. He helps you endures and pours strength into you to withstand anything that may cross your path.

It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to not be strong. No one said you had to have all the answers. Nowhere is it written you must have it all figured out.

Joy comes from faith and belief. Belief and faith come from restoration. Restoration comes from peace and peace comes with surrender. But pretending you don’t need Him is not what will bring you peace. Surrender and let Him make this all okay. We need God.

We need to let Him work the way He wants to work, in His way and in His timing.

Maybe that’s not what you want to hear right now. 

There is no pill. There is no secret. There is no trick or trap or shortcut. It’s how we tap into the most powerful force in the universe. It’s how we allow His work in our lives, our hearts. It’s how He deals with our pain and our fears. He knew all this when He created you. It’s part of His plan. He’s standing with you and He will not leave.

Let Him touch the broken places and heal what’s going on in your life – the anger, frustration, sadness and the confusion. Let His strength become your strength. Lean in and notice how He takes the burden you’ve been carrying. It was never yours to carry, so why are you? Psalm 61. There’s Power in a Whisper and my hope is you’ll find strength and be encourage by them. If you received value from this post, please pass it along; they will appreciate you for it. Have thoughts, comments or questions, feel free to bounce them off of me here.

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