Patience – Empathy – Trust

You can’t live and lead without it. The shocking piece of PET is every leader I’ve researched, interviewed and worked with knows without a doubt how critical, vital and important patience, empathy and trust are. If they know these principles, then why do  so many lead without it or compromise one or the other?

What prevents leaders from leaning into these principles or character traits? EGO! I’m not speaking specifically of the overconfident, prideful and arrogant ego. Ego in this sense is the moral compass appears to aimed at themselves, concerned over not failing or not appearing ‘in control’.  The reality many leaders’ behaviors and habits who expressthis lack of leadership is more of domininance and less of a moral conscience.


“Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in your mind.”  – David G. Allen, author of Emotionally Bulletproof: Scott’s Story

Not to go ethereal on you, but to awaken the greatness in you as a more effective leader here are a few thoughts that may temper your patience. Patience is defined as the quality of calm, as bearing of provocation, misfortune, or pain, without complaint, loss of temper, irritation or the like; an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay.

On one hand our economy is so focused on short-term figures and success, we have somewhat lost the virtue of patience. On the other hand, everything takes time, a logical sequence and a natural processes that cannot be accelerated. Corn fields don’t grow any faster if a manager supervises, motivates and inspires them. Everything takes time. While you may have just surmised, this trivial insight is irrelevant to you, it marks the beginning of every sustainable change. There are no abbreviations, panaceas or shortcut. The corn’s gonna grow when it’s damn good and ready! The key to a successful long-run change, whether it be culture-driven or strategically-driven, is to withstand the immense pressure to deliver short-term success and to empathetically and confidently give people the space and time to learn and grow together.


No matter what the transformation may seem – digital, disruptive or deliberate – at its core are people! Look at lean transformations or businesses working towards ISO certification, experts always preach product, process, material and muda in the infancy stages while people must be and always are at the center of every strategic initiative. People get the work done. People screw up the work to be done and people correct the work that’s been done. People with their talents, hopes and fears are not output. They’re not a means of production or robotic cogs in a machine-like organization. One reason the Elegant Leader with Voltage platform exists is to deliver and demonstrate a new model of leadership – one that returns high ROI results with the strongest professional relationships along the way.

Leadership begins with you! Your self-leadership and self-awareness. Only those who can lead themselves can lead others. This is the basis for true empathy, i.e. the ability and willingness to recognize and understand the feelings, thoughts, emotions, motives and intentions of people. Without empathy, every initiative – transformative or not – is a lifeless, cold and impersonal change theatre. We can, however, dig in to how strategic change impacts and affects your climate and your culture with you leading the way. They’re interdpendent of one another and directly impact whether or not your organization will have favorable or unfavorable results in the short-term or ones that are sustainable to your competitve advantage. READ MORE…


“Trust starts with trustworthy leadership. It must be built into the corporate culture.” – Barbara Brooks Kimmel, CEO Trust Across America

Every leader is the point person on a journey towards an uncertain outcome. The leader is doing their level best to ‘hedge the bet’ to deliver expected outcomes. Everyone wants success and every strategic initiative is planned for successful outcomes. Then how do so many fail to achieve desired success? The vision of business models or agile organizations or both is the compass rose pointing the way. The ‘What and How’, must first be explored, tried and proven out in detail.

It does not require a few managers or only the Rockstars of the organization, but rather the wisdom, experience and creativity of all those influenced and affected – that’s everyone!

It IS about encouraging curiosity, courage and creativity.

It IS about collaborating, engaging and sharing ideas.

It IS about healthy competition, playing to win and celebrating.

It IS about healthy control, disciplines and coaching’em up.

It IS about letting yourself be amazed. And it is about enduring failures and learning together. Shared learning establishes a healthier climate on the journey to a sustainable cultural influence. ‘ALL OF THIS’ is based on trust. You must trust people’s motives, intente and potential. If you’re not, you’re demonstrating your distrust and lack of grace for your people, workgroup, team, department, division or organization. It IS what it IS.

Stop trying to borrow wisdom and think for yourself. See today for what it IS, and face your difficulties.  Suffering and difficulties provide opportunities to become better. If you found value from this article, please share it with your friends and colleagues on your social media platform. They’ll be grateful you do and so will I – thank you! Would you like to know more about strategic change initiatives we’re involved in or have concluded? READ MORE here…

About the author:  Scott is the Founder and Managing Partner of Brookestone Associates, a culture influencing and strategy execution firm. As a speaker and author of several books, including 7-Steps to Become an Elegant Leader with Voltage, Influencing Culture – accelerating change with influence and impact and The Culture Change Advantage, he’s a seasoned high-energy leader driven to create sustainable results by coaching executives to lead from the front. For more information, visit:

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