As the season begins to change, leaves show their vibrant colors of fall and the sweltering temperatures of summer subside, let’s enjoy the pendulum’s swing back to a more grateful season. Instead of thirty daily thoughts on gratitude, we’re sharing them all at once. If you’re going to Lead Elegantly with Voltage and affect change over the next 30 days, then you need to let go of what you think a leader’s life is supposed to look like, celebrate it for what it already is and allow the pendulum to swing back. Take time to think through these 30 thoughts, make a list to reflect, renew, reset and act upon them. The Elegant Leader’s challenge to find Voltage through gratitude is in the following questions:

How do you show appreciation of kindness and thankfulness in this season? What will you do today to allow the pendulum to swing back and experience gratitude?

What one friend are you grateful for? In this socially-driven age of online friendships, we can sometimes miss out on the close-knit, intimate friendships life meant to fulfill us with.

What unexpected moment are you grateful for? People enter and exit our lives daily to bless us, to teach us something or both.

What childhood lesson are you grateful for? The lessons your parents and your school teachers drilled into you are the same ones I help you with to be the Elegant Leader with Voltage you can be.

What resources or provisions are you grateful for? On your journey this season, there’s something you need, or are supplied with to help the pendulum swing back for yourself.

What family member are you grateful for? The one who gave you hope, clarity and kept you grounded during those good times and those times when the pendulum swung away.

What quality, characteristic or life feature are you grateful for? When I’m speaking, I’ll always ask the audience to tell me how to find the “helping others” section in their local bookstore for them to understand we are here to serve those who serve others.

What song has you kick up your heels and dance? Music motivates and sweeps many of us off our feet. There’s a life and an energy with a song that moves you deeply.

“The role of leadership is to ensure the people inside your company feel so safe that they’re willing to sacrifice everything for each other and even the company knowing full well that the leader cares about them desperately.” – Simon Sinek

What traditions are you grateful for? We tend to gravitate towards traditions based upon sharing a common set of values and beliefs – an active process, one that takes regular reminding and effort.

What book are you grateful for? The person you become over the next 2-3 years will largely be based upon the books you read and the people you associate yourself with.

What failure are you grateful for? Our brains are wired to absorb and adapt more from our failures more so than from our successes.

What talent or spiritual gift are you grateful for? There’s a reason and a purpose to your life. Allow the pendulum to swing back and discover what your purpose is, AND use it to make a difference in the lives of others!

What memory are you grateful for? Your life is made up of a collection of moments we hold onto – a glimpse of wonder, joys and pains we encounter throughout our days – never missing out on the beauty and miracle of the now. Look around; everything is fleeting. Live!

What charity are you grateful for? Share your light and give back with a gracious heart for it was never yours to begin with.

What silly moment are you grateful for? Never be afraid to look silly – allow the pendulum to swing and mix a little foolishness in with your serious plans, because it’s lovely to be silly at the right moment.

We are here to find freedom, discover our purpose and make a difference in this world.

What are you doing to take just one more step? A journey begins with one small step, a commitment with one simple action – you can do this. Is it scary? It can be, but you’re not alone.

What technology are you grateful for? It saves us time and money, keeps us organized and allows us to stay in touch. Instantly access anything you want at any time.

What lesson in life are you grateful for? There’s thousands of life lessons we may point to and some offer temporary sanctuary in facing our demons – those fears, insecurities, negative past experiences, wrong doings and shortcomings – require us to look in the mirror.

What relationship are you most grateful for? Some of us collect fine art and books, cars, antiques and autographs. In life and in death, it’s the relationships we have that will stand alone.

What kindness are you grateful for? Being kind, tenderhearted and forgiving one another is your responsibility, obligation and demonstration of loyalty.

What image are you grateful for? It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude. It’s gratitude that brings us happiness.

What surprise are you grateful for? Sometimes, someone comes into your life so unexpectedly, takes your heart by surprise and changes your life forever.

If I had to live my life over again, I’d find you sooner so I could love you longer.

What teacher are you grateful for? I’m forever grateful to Ed Fielding who put me on a path I had no idea I’d be on. It’s never too late to start and let the pendulum swing back.

What hour or time of day are you grateful for? The one and only resource we cannot recapture is time. By showing appreciation and kindness to one another, we return the sentiment to those who show us the same.

What project are you grateful for? The only reason a job, a vocation, a passion exists is for you to solve a set of problems.

What struggle are you grateful for? The time and pressure it takes for coal to become a diamond is lengthy, deep and intense. Embrace the suck!

What result or outcome are you grateful for? By being intentional, positive and focused on aligning goals, you affect a person’s and an organization’s fullness of life and help them live in abundance.

What special place are you grateful for? Your happy place, your sanctuary – the place that gives you solitude, joy and fulfillment.

What attribute of God are you grateful for? His knowledge is total, His power is limitless and He is everywhere at once.

“If we falter in times of struggle, then how small is our strength?”

What daily love are you grateful for? Sky above you, Earth below you, Love the fire within you.

What leader are you grateful for? We learn from every leader, manager or supervisor whom we’ve ever worked with.

What happened today you are grateful for? Treasure the simple things, the everyday moments of life regardless how big or small they are for you’ll understand the pendulum’s swing after the moment passes.

What changes in your life are you grateful for? The way to make sure we cultivate new behaviors is to reward ourselves when we do it right, and by repeating the action again and again until it becomes ingrained, only then will we own the change.

What story are you grateful for? It’s easy to complain about your life until you have someone else’s life to compare to. In reading John Kralik’s book, A Simple Act of Gratitude, the first 10 pages will move the pendulum in your life and help you uncover what’s grateful about your story?

What promise are you grateful for? We cannot wait for our circumstances to change in order to be grateful. That’s like saying, “…when I get the promotion, THEN I’ll be happy…” We must first be happy and joyful in our current situation in order to earn the promise.

What else are you grateful for? Only you can answer and only you know the answer.

Voltage in Elegant Leadership inherently comes when we are surrounded by people, the Elegant Leader, who has our best interests in mind. We feel safe and have the capacity to face the outside dangers – the outside influences at work, the internal fears and doubts of our abilities – which are constant from competitors, the economy, and so on.  Whatever unknown exists out there, real and imagined, learning to  lead authentically, transparently with gratitude and safety is Voltage!

Gratitude, thus, contains an inherent promise – the promise to show thankfulness and receive the right attention. To show gratitude, and receive involvement, Elegant Leaders with Voltage extend the outer circle of belonging with gratitude so people at the lowest practical level feel they belong.

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