You are defined by your actions, not by your words.

It’s about you and your ability to deliver a clear, concise and a compelling message regardless of industry, segment, niche, brand or persona as THE Leader. It’s about you leading in the moment, challenging people to become their very best, attracting clients who believe what you believe in and moving people to look at their lives and jobs differently. Life is never in balance and here’s a bulletin for you – it NEVER will be – and that’s okay; everything in life ebbs and flows. There’s a rhythm to life, to leading and to being the Leader you’re supposed to be.

Are you showing empathy, understanding and a desire to build mutually beneficial RELATIONSHIPS?[kleo_gap size=”8px” class=”” id=””]
Are you delivering RESULTS that matter?[kleo_gap size=”8px” class=”” id=””]
Is your EGO stable; are you someone worth modeling?

Get this dynamic out of rhythm and you sacrifice results and relationships, because of your ego. Your relationships suffer, because your over zealous ego demands and coerces results at all costs. Leading as the “I Love You Guy” or gal produces minimal results eroding an already weak ego, because your leadership is about everyone getting along.

“In order to be successful in business you must be successful with people.”

Whether it’s guiding and directing your team or a level of leaders, building relationships of value and building a high performance culture, you need to stand up and LEAD for when, and not if it hits the fan. You – THE LEADER – are responsible for people, who are responsible for people who are responsible for people. Here’s the million dollar answer to the question, “how.” You, as the Elegant Leader with Voltage, are responsible for the environment you create or have already created. When you get the environment right, then you’ll get to the right behaviors. When you get their behaviors right, then you’ll get to the desired productivity. Get the productivity right and you’ll get the results you have to have.

“Organizations that invest in developing leaders throughout their transformation are 2.4 times more likely to be successful in achieving their objectives.” (McKinsey, 2014).

In order to be successful in business you must be successful with people. We can certainly identify and commit to doing more, doing less, start doing and stop doing “stuff.” It’s easy to focus on what matters most, until extenuating circumstances occur. As a leader, you’re challenged with numerous goals, priorities and initiatives in addition to navigating the landscape of people and communications. You have to gain clarity, stay focused on what really matters and help eliminate overwhelm with the most important things for your organization and role.

Here’s what you can and must do as the #1 Goal of a Leader:

  1. Develop a generation of leaders – be candid, tell them!

  2. Demonstrate daily through your observable behaviors how you value people!

  3. Ensure resources for your people’s growth in their role and in leadership are available

  4. Model the behaviors you want and demand to be modeled

  5. Bake into your culture how important and committed leadership is

If you’re going to assemble a team that will do whatever it takes in the moment during the good times and more importantly when, not if, the proverbial stuff hits the fan, then stop settling for present circumstance, break through from where you are today to where you want to be. It’s been said, there are companies who watch what happen, those who wonder what happened and those who make it happen. Stop struggling with personal conflict of the organization’s values, vision, and priorities and know what’s most important for personal and professional success and satisfaction.

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