Life will test you – like a ship at sea. The storms reveal the weak places in us. Frankly, they already have. We have anger, fear and vulnerability to certain temptations and situations known and unknown. We justify ourselves by answering the questions of ‘why this or that’ hasn’t worked out well or happened the way we’d hoped for. We stay in the mire, stuck in what we’re familiar with and avoid everything else, especially the unknown. We self-sabotage ourselves even when it could be the best, greatest thing we’ve ever encountered or attempted by not stepping out in faith to #ManUp.

We step out when we’re sure – it’s a certainty. We pull back when we feel failure is a possibility. That’s being a partial man! A boy living in a man’s body having a man’s job, a man’s family and responsibilities. When did you step out of line? When did you not complete your masculinity if it ever truly began?

Most of us are unfinished men. We’re not able to truly live as men being unfinished where life happens, and we become stagnant. How can you teach and pass on to your sons and daughters what they must have to be successful in life if you’ve haven’t completed the process?

If you want to know more, then come deeper with us to our virtual group #ManUp here. It’s free, never any obligation for anything else. We are a stake-in-the-ground where many of us need one and realize many of us are or have gone through the same things you’re going through now – job uncertainty, fractured relationships, financial hardships…life.

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