The Elegant Leader is a Generous Leader

Some people in life are ‘givers’ and some are ‘takers’ and there is a key difference between the two. Some are constantly borrowing and never return while others always seem to give and give. People who are generous get it all in the end. Here are three approaches to consider in leading generously:

Be Generous Always

Generosity is not an occasional act; it is a way of living. The generous are always generous and lend freely. The Elegant Leader lives and leads a life of in the practice of mutual generosity – giving and receiving is a habit, it’s second nature, it’s who they are, and there’s no intent or motive behind the act. The Elegant Leader establishes the example by generously giving of their time or talent or both to others. Voltage reveals itself, in good times and bad, when the community supports the leader by modeling the same behaviors creating an environment of support and a culture of gratitude.

Be Generous to Everyone

Leading can be a lonely proposition – one that is not for everyone. Everyone thinks they want the trappings that come with the role – the perceived materialistic gains many selfish people see on the surface. There is an emptiness about the way of life which involves becoming rich, being well fed, with lots of superficial laughter and gaining a good reputation, however it leaves people feeling ultimately dissatisfied and hungry.

To have light, there must be darkness. Just like an iceberg, what’s beneath the surface is where the mass exists, where more people are aware of the problems. Leaders often have to go deeper into the organization to avoid the ignorance of the iceberg. This perspective is where awareness of the company’s values and beliefs live and where false assumptions are born and perpetuated.

The reality of the Elegant Leader is in their solitude where they become filled with insight as they choose who they surround themselves with, and who they pour themselves into. They look for people who believe what they believe and in that mindset, they can replicate the values and beliefs of generosity. It’s here where the leaders contrast those who accumulate for themselves (the takers) and those who have a generous spirit (the givers).

The blessing of generosity may involve pain, being hated, excluded, insulted and rejected, but it is a way of satisfaction. Stop the tit-for-tat stuff and lead generously. Be generous to everyone; give to everyone without expecting to get anything back.

Model Generosity

The Elegant Leader models generosity and through their model creates the contrast between ‘taking’ and ‘giving’. The generous Elegant Leader’s life is not easy.There are times they will lead through the desert, a valley, and wasteland. These times are seen as a picture of life’s trials; dry patches, low spots and seeming fruitlessness.

Despite all you do for your people and the model you exhibit, there will be people who are not satisfied and will still rebel against you. It’s not you! Their rebellion cannot go unchecked, and so you must lead without judgment on the people. Voltage comes from not judging and from demonstrating what is right, correct and expected in your organization; this is how we get things done around here. It’s a totally different discussion when their behaviors become a lack of willingness to adapt to the culture.

When someone joins your company it’s a mutual gift. They are paid for the contributions they make, but it’s their choice to contribute to that gift. Your model and the models of others in generosity demonstrates the acceptable behaviors that provide a way back to you.

As mentioned earlier, the life of the Elegant Leader isn’t very easy. You won’t spend all your days having fun playing in the sunshine. There will be difficulties everywhere; complacency, frustration, and bitterness will reveal themselves. Unfortunately, we all take our bad behaviors with us from job to job and role to role. Your role as the Elegant Leader with Voltage is to lead generously and graciously, even when we’re at our worst.

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