It’s Gameday. 

It’s been a solid year, some wins and some losses. Even though there is no playoff and there are no bowl games in business, the question remains the same – what have you done to prepare for the 4th quarter of your business this year?

In less than a week, we exit from Labor Day with fewer than 75 days before your people will be in “Holiday-mode.” Finding the right rhythm during this season takes commitment, clarity, and consistent communication if you’re to deliver the expected outcomes set forth in January. Laying the foundation of rhythm in your Elegant Leadership will get you the Voltage needed to be effective and efficient ensuring your ego, relationships and results will deliver your vision. What better way to focus your attention than to draft an elegant strategy as we near the 4th quarter.

What leadership strength can you build upon to become more effective?

What behavior is hurting your relationships and thus your performance?

How do you cultivate the proper attitude to become an Elegant Leader? 

When competing priorities pull you in different directions, can you always focus on your performance?

Elegant Leadership is timeless! Our Executive Leaders Dashboard challenges you to clearly and simply state your ideas in seven essential areas for you to learn and to master the practice of Elegant Leadership. Leaders don’t change organizations – people inside the organization do, and Elegant Leaders change themselves on the inside to affect change! Great leaders are humble – it’s not about your confidence and good self-esteem – Elegant Leaders are not arrogant and filled with self-absorbed self-importance. Stop doing what’s not working and chart a new course.

Your ability to deliver a clear, concise and compelling message as a leader in your business is what moves your organization forward – doing that takes Rhythm! The ego in which you lead with, the relationships you work with and ultimately the results you provide all have a rhythm demonstrating your effectiveness and efficiency as a leader. Realizing we’re not where we want to be in our leadership presence, competence and proficiency, it takes a resolute spirit and a healthy disposition to come to grips with less than stellar leadership behaviors and perceptions. Long-lasting learning comes at the intersection of being uncomfortable and the willingness to expand that capacity.

If you have the courage to know what’s holding you back from being the Elegant Leader with Voltage you know you are and can be, then taking The Survey No One Wants to Take is your first step. At the end of the day, every leader is responsible for results, and earning the right to advance.  If Nick Saban hadn’t won a National Championship at LSU, it’s unlikely he would have had the opportunity to coach at Miami in the NFL or at The University of Alabama where he’s won 4 National titles in 7 years.

Are you delivering significant results today? And at what cost?

The costs can be far reaching to your physical and emotional  self not just professional implications. In Communicating Simply and Powerfully, knowing your audience is critical if you’re to preserve relationships on the journey towards great results. If you don’t understand people, then you don’t understand business. As an Elegant Leader with Voltage, your business is people and guiding them to deliver their best is what moves an organization forward.  Look, life comes at you faster each day and it’s becoming increasingly harder to stay on top of it all.  Some areas of your personal life may have suffered at the expense of your professional decisions, also.

If you’re not the Exception, then be the Example

Leading elegantly is simple, practical, powerful and graceful. How you show up as the leader – day in, day out – is critical to your people. The transparency, the authenticity and genuine behaviors exhibited daily create a rhythm of who you are as THE leader. Now that the kids are in school or off away at college, it’s time for you to refresh and reboot for the 4th quarter.

Vision is the true creative rhythm

How many projects do you have in motion right now? How many projects are you working on that don’t dramatically impact your performance goals or the long term strategy of the organization? Where can you focus your attention and finite personal resources? I’m not proposing you do more with less, rather do more with what you have by focusing your energy and leadership where it’s required. As a leader, one of your primary responsibilities is to grow and develop more leaders. Get it in rhythm today!

Another article to help gain clarity is entitled 7 Things for 7 Days  offering an opportunity to re-energize you personally and professionally. Keeping yourself aligned in what you do, how you do it and why you do it is where leading with rhythm begins. Get your FREE copy of the Elegant Leaders Dashboard here.

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