We are men and we want to be great men, honorable men, great husbands and fathers; great business leaders within our cities, states, nation and the world. To be great men we ultimately have a great father. Unfortunately, we live for big wins and that comes with big losses, big hurts, and it can be a train wreck to a great celebration. Instead, our focus must be on what we do have. Re-energizing the #ManUp movement makes it possible for us, as men, to Lead Elegantly.

Elegant is defined as dignified, graceful, refined and polished. Leadership is guiding, inspiring, showing direction, serving, listening and learning. When putting the adjective and adverb together, what appears is an inspirational model to guide and serve people, teams, families and organizations in a simple, powerful, practical and graceful manner. It’s time to Lead Elegantly! We are men after God’s own heart. This is what it means to #ManUp

If you’re sick and tired of the rut you’re in, then be a part of a community of like-minded guys in a safe environment where we actually trust each other and can talk honestly and directly with each other, develop friendships, encourage each other and be accountable to one another – just as warriors are with one another. We’re hosting a #ManUp group of guys virtually beginning Monday, August 13th. For those of you in Birmingham, Alabama, the #ManUp group will be LIVE on Wednesday’s beginning August 15th. Stay tuned for more info – feel free to email me, call/text  205-482-2177. You can find the group here on Facebook. We will host weekly discussions and monthly Facebook LIVE events for the group and all men of all ages are welcome. You, we, are all in a battle and it’s time to #ManUp

Why We Don’t #ManUp?

Because we isolate and insulate ourselves from one another. Why? Because we’ve not been able to trust anyone in a long time, if ever. Or, we trusted several or many times before and got burned. So we drift towards both – isolate and insulate ourselves from other guys. Maybe your reason is different. Maybe you’re like me and your best buds are scattered all over the country and we get together for golf events, fishing in the Gulf, hunting our west or wherever. You know.

You’re better than this. You got this! You don’t need ‘nobody.’ How’s that working for you? We insulate ourselves and think we’re protecting our insides and outsides. We’re not supposed to expose our heart or who we really are and quite frankly that’s a lonely place to be. I didn’t say you were lonely, because maybe you’re not and being alone is one heckuva lot different than lonely. We keep to ourselves and steer away from things involving our heart. We got this! Hey man. You got one job to do and that’s to be a man. Link up with some like-minded guys who have your back – even if you don’t have ours yet, that’s ok. Let’s us prove our trustworthiness. Let us prove our value to one another. #LLTB Many of you military guys get this. How else did we take a 1,000 men, total strangers and turn them into a group who would die for each other.

When we #ManUp we ‘got this’ together.

Remember the warrior statement? You’re in a real live battle and it’s up to you to be prepared for the good fight. We are a group of guys who have one another’s backs – even if we haven’t demonstrated our trustworthiness yet – know that we have your back until a time we’ve earned yours. Let us prove it to you. Here’s what we’re going to do over the next 13 weeks. There are 4 arenas where your battle takes place:

  1. A fight for your walk,

  2. A fight for your heart and character,

  3. A fight for your families, and

  4. A fight for your brothers.

You may think you can do it alone. It’s a heckuva lot easier to link up in a brotherhood and #ManUp.

Evil’s plan is to isolate you and insulate you so you won’t deal with these important issues

You can jump in anytime, come and go, bring a friend as you like. Remember, if you ignore what’s going on nothing will happen to you. Not quite. You could live a long life and die in your sleep one day wondering what contribution did you ever make. Some of you are all over this concept having a breakfast club, lunch meet, fight club, whatever group you’re plugged in to – congratulations for manning up! We’d love for you to be a part of the movement, too! No costs, no obligation, just men linking up with other men to be the best fathers, sons, grandfathers, men we can be together. We’re offering an opportunity to guide you to lead elegantly as you walk out in life and be a part of the #ManUp movement. It’s a gamechanger for every life you touch and thus for your own!

You become a great father by recognizing your have a great Father

Some of our issues our ‘things’ go pretty deep whether from Dad’s approval or a desire for his approval. By not getting it or by only getting a sliver, a wound exists and has created layer upon layer of scar tissue you’ve built up over the years and decades. I know! I did, too! Your wound is your wound and it’s not about fault it’s about finding your freedom. No one said you have to carry that burden around your neck like a set of heavy-weight chains your entire life. It’s okay to stand up and not take it anymore. We’re with you long after the dust settles – that’s what a stake-in-the-ground does!

If evil can crack your perception of what an earthly father is, then it’s even easier to crack your heavenly father’s relationship. Don’t miss that critically important point. We don’t move forward, because we see recovery from the wound as impossible. You understand son’s living without a father figure in the home whether physically or emotionally. The plan, the strategy for thousands of years has been to derail the hope of a male child’s life ahead of him. Today, the problem is rampant and getting worse.

You are still looking for approval from someone somewhere. Here is the best case and best hope for any situation. You don’t have to go it alone and you’re not supposed to go it alone. You can’t lead on stage if you’re depleted backstage. #ManUp is giving you the gift of sight or returning that gift to you. #ManUp is having someone who will fight for you when, not if the shit hits the fan. Linking up a band of brothers, a warriors spirit to #ManUp and be imitators of God ‘as dearly loved children’ is the essence of the movement.

Some of you will and some of you won’t. You’ll say you’re too busy, too successful, too this or that. You may say, ‘he was absent’ or ‘I don’t know what it means to see myself with a heart for God’ maybe it’s ‘I’ve heard it all before and there’s no way I can become that,’ or ‘I struggle with what I’m even capable of or even where to start.’ Any excuse you want to throw out will do!

Here’s your best next move to be imitators of god with men just like you – as dearly loved children; that’s all you need is to be is ‘like children.’ Move out of isolation into a group of men, warriors, who have each other’s back. Move away from insulation because there’s a longing to break free from the cycle and getting into the right posture as dearly loved children.

BE and DO

Be something. You already have God speaking his approval for you because you are His; just as Jesus arose from his baptism God said, ‘this is my beloved son in whom I’m well pleased.’ You are no different – this one is mine – you are his – you are a dearly loved child. Everything a guy struggles with is in Ephesians 5 – it’s right here, every real-life struggle and every real-life hope a woman, a child, a community and a nation want is right there so we, as men, as warriors can #ManUp, walk out, live and Lead Elegantly.

You have what you need just walk through with us #ManUp and fight the good fight for your families, your brothers and your walk, He will fight for you to the finish, to redeem you and bring you into a relationship with Him. You do matter, every one of us matters. #ManUp is here take you from the darkness and lift you up into a brand new story. The question is: Are you willing to climb a mountain with a group of guys who have your back for your son, your children, yourself?

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