…when there is pain and uncertainty involved in our own lives…our personal story….

When we’ve found ourselves engulfed and buried inside one of life’s many storms, it becomes a lot easier to self-protect, to avoid the suffering. For men, it’s our nature to isolate and insulate ourselves from the outside world. We’re quite good at it really. We have Adam to thank for that as he stood at Eve’s side when she took that first bite.

When we just stand and not look to the right or left, we see how his hand has been spinning us on the wheel like clay in the Potter’s hands. No matter what we face in our lives, pray for your peace, your strength and your trust in Him. Because we are human, we don’t see or know what He does. We don’t see the intricate crafting of our story the way He does.

When we feel like life is falling apart at every turn, his grace and mercy have everything falling into place. My prayer for you is to be awakened, strengthened and at peace in the knowledge and truth of the goodness of God in all situations.  You weren’t made by accident and it’s no accident you’re exactly where you are in life today. What you’re going through is preparing you for what’s to come…that’s a good thing. You may be living in a setback. In due time, there will be a comeback.

Summer is a time for road construction and it seems to never end…btw, you’re going through construction. Some of you have finished ‘this season’s’ construction and your season now is one of testing and trials. Maybe you like to think of the season as polishing – it’s just easier to swallow frankly because we’re human.

Are you in a season right now where few good things occur and more bad things are happening for you?

Are you feeling isolated and alone, hopeless even discouraged?

I know how you feel! I’m walking thru a season right now like this and I’m sure most people are if they’re willing to admit it. Hope keeps us going. Jeremiah 29:11 states, “I know the plans that I have for you…plans to prosper you…to give you a future and a hope.” If you are feeling discouraged today and are having a hard time believing, just know God is closer to you than you know. Reach for Him! It can be difficult to hold on when there’s agony and fear of ‘what’s next.’

When He has called us to do something, we must believe and act on it. God delights in those who will follow the call He’s placed in your heart, and risk the comfort of everyday life for the Kingdom’s sake. He is using this moment, right now to stretch, bend, purify, and refine you into a warrior.

This is your battle – your time. Our character and faith after the Lord puts us through His refining process and becomes that much stronger and resilient. Btw, no one said you have to go it alone either. Grab a friend or two and invite Him with you. We’ll make it together!

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