Is it Greed or Generosity?

We all want our people to succeed. People the world over instinctively admire generous people and detest the greedy. Creating competition can be a good thing when led properly. Creating competition with the team or work group can be a good thing in a culture that’s built on achieving project or numeric goals. You’re not playing Bill over Bob to see how Bob’s going to react. You’re leveraging the skills, intangibles and edge each individual brings to the group to create synergy and results with strong relationships. When we put people in competition with one another, reactions occur. Reactions can incur greed and ‘fight or flight’ within your people. It’s not just the two in conflict either as other’s see ‘how things get done’ around here. Whether your desire is to evolve into a create, collaborate, control or compete culture, your one goal as the leader is to provide and set the tone for ‘how we’re expected to get things done here.’

Is it greed or generosity to create competition in your environment?

How do you develop and maintain a transparent open-door policy that’s generous with your time? An open door is just that – open; and, no it doesn’t have an automatic closer either. Some think that’s cool, other’s ominous perhaps lazy or egotistical. An open door exists from an Elegant Leader manifests itself two-fold. One, you’re not in your office often as you can be found walking around checking-in, building relationships, answering questions, and asking questions. Two, is a somewhat regular set ‘office time’ when you’re getting paperwork done, the trivial office duties you must do and most importantly having conversations with your directs and peers.

Is it greed or generosity to lead with an open-door?

Would rather err on the side of grace than be just or strict with policies? There’s too many policies and procedures in the business world. We are stewards not owners! Simply stated, treat your company as if it were your own and communicate your needs and expectations often. We expect everyone to communicate honestly and with integrity. Please don’t do anything for the first time – those things without precedent – without checking with a report-to first. While certainly there are specific Federal and State guidelines that must be followed in the US, we don’t need to document every minutia that hampers and stagnates a company because it’s a rule or legal fears some recrimination. Is it greed or generosity to lead with the mindset of do the right thing always?

What is an open hand in your environment? This cut goes with your open door. Behaviors turn into habits and if you’re listening well, you’re helping well. Be available to lend a hand. Reach out and reach back to help someone up. The life you save may be your own by your own example – when you’re doing it right.

Is it greed or generosity to lend a hand?

How comfortable are you in sharing the failures and successes? Elegant Leaders freely share what they are learning along the way. Information sharing is one of the strongest ways to perpetuate a healthy culture. Letting people know what worked, what didn’t work and how we can be better together is vital to move an organization forward. Elegant Leaders are lifelong learners who are always listening. They never miss an opportunity to share what’s been learned personally or from others that may influence and impact someone else’s work life.

Is it greed or generosity to share what you’re learning along the way?

How are you perceived as the leader when you give away credit to others even when you could rightly keep it for yourself? Too many of us hoard away credit as if it were a prized ring. Who’s happy here in that moment? How many are happy in that moment? One. When credit is shared with others, how many are happy here and happy now? Yes, more than one. And what are you trying to create as a leader? An environment of happy people who are inspired to make a contribution knowing  what they do is important. Why? Because you showed them how and you’re extending grace which gives them joy and fulfillment. If you can provide financial and non-financial bonuses to people, then recognize and acknowledge the role they play and the contributions they make often.

Is it greed or generosity to share credit, because we are better together?

How do you move your team, workgroup or organization forward to sustainable results? Elegant Leaders know about each team member’s goals and dreams, and diligently help them fulfill them. Elegant Leaders create a path with other people, leverage one another’s gifts and have a logical sequence to implementing a plan. Maybe you’re an introvert and uncomfortable getting to know your people. Leaders lead by proactively and positively taking time to build relationships. There’s a rhythm between ego, results and relationships, and you’re responsible for establishing and maintaining that rhythm. Is it greed or generosity to develop strong relationships with your people?

The answers to these questions are elementary and quite obvious. The real truth comes from answering, ‘how are you doing in being generous with your time, talents and efforts?’ or are you greedy, not coming off as genuine and authentic. Take a moment, step back and ask yourself the following:

What’s the mood, the climate, the culture of your team, workgroup or company?

What would they say about you and how you exhibit your leadership?

If you don’t change anything, what do you think the results will be?

Everything changes in the way your people and teams communicate, get things done, and achieve results. We take your team through what most organizations don’t – go deep enough to reach the true root cause in the way of extraordinary outcomes. Instead of focusing on surface solutions, we go deep into the habits, routines, and behaviors that permeate how things get done in your organization. If you’re serious about creating continuous improving levels of performance and growth in your organization, we have a methodology and unparalleled set of tools to help you succeed. Click here to schedule a private, no obligation, no strings attached conversation.

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