Wipe Your Feet at the Door

Every day brings new challenges to overcome and in many cases, we choose an unhealthy rhythm of coping or managing through them. Wiping your feet at the door is a saying heard in theater company’s to eliminate disagreeable, unproductive bad behaviors. In our professional and personal lives, it’s important to understand we control how we respond to the daily grind of challenges.  For kids, it’s things like no swearing, no fighting, no whining, no gossiping, and no criticizing other students. For the rest of us, it’s the backbiting, gossiping, emotionally charged outbursts we occasionally show. We could stand to improve our performance and relationships by wiping our feet at the door.

Finding your rhythm begins, for many of us, with how we behave and interact with each other. As successful as we are, many of us still behave in ways that don’t work. Some of us have become arrogant, dismissive of others, controlling, rigid, or defensive. Some of us have gone to the opposite extreme – avoiding conflict to remain popular, delay important decisions, or tolerate lack of accountability.

Every leader functions on two stages – the front stage or public world, and the backstage or private world. One cannot lead successfully front stage when you’re fully depleted backstage. An Elegant Leader is caring,  encouraging and demonstrating how to prioritize what matters most, to develop healthy business practices, resolve problems and guide others on how to lead an abundant life. For the many business leaders and entrepreneurs who feel alone, in over their heads, or simply worn out, the Elegant Leader with Voltage system underscores the need for rhythm between ego, results and relationships and offers sharp relief and a healthy way forward.

Work-life doesn’t balance! Scales balance. Rhythm is something that’s been built into creation. We’ve read and lived the well-worn passage there’s a time and a season for everything. We can’t be doing everything all the time with no breaks – that’s a recipe for burnout.

One cannot lead successfully front stage when you’re fully depleted backstage.

The sometimes frustrating thing is, however, rhythm is something that’s built into each of us as well. We all have our individual rhythms, the ways we like to go about living our lives and working with the rhythms of the world, of the body, of the mind, and of the spirit is necessary in order to function properly.

Understanding we have rhythms is the first key to finding ways to make those rhythms line up with one another so we can find unity and build successful relationships and successful organizations and businesses that last. Identify and embrace your rhythm and then work to find ways to line them up with yours.

Lean in, instead of running away.

Everyone has an opinion about something – right living, health, relationships, gender differences, love and marriage, parenting, work, money, politics and power, dealing with enemies, religion and faith, etc. Whose opinion should you trust? If it works, it should stand the test of time. Then it becomes the standard because it is so effective. Here are four initial steps you can implement immediately to improve your rhythm:

  1. Begin with ABC – Ability, Balance and  Control. Have a deep understanding of the role ability, balance and control on you leading elegantly. You have the ability to lead elegantly. The challenge comes, under stress, will you be able to perform up to your ability? Balance in this context is defined as the rhythm to improvise, adapt and overcome; to be able to flow with the situations that are presented to you. Control what’s in front of you with an eye towards influencing those around you. [kleo_gap size=”10px” class=”” id=””]

  2. Riding the Wave of Uncertainty. You are able to deal with ambiguity as an Elegant Leader. This is where it all starts. Managing your own response to ambiguity is key to freeing up your mind and harnessing your energy to lead. Tune into your own reaction to uncertainty. Ask yourself:  How do I need to be in this situation to unlock my mind and move forward? What coping strategies will I put in place to self-manage productively? Another approach is to look forward – what is the opportunity in this?[kleo_gap size=”10px” class=”” id=””]

  3. Keep Everything in Perspective. It’s having the emotional intelligence and a clear, concise message of dedication and resolve to persevere regardless of circumstances seen and unseen. You can’t do everything now or today, but what you can do is have rhythm in your decision-making, being flexible and adaptable with your relationships; knowing they will ebb and flow favorably and unfavorably. That’s why communication is vital to your success as a leader.[kleo_gap size=”10px” class=”” id=””]

  4. Living in Rhythm. Your personal and professional relationships matter, and being clear and grounded with your purpose for leading will guide you during troubled times when you’re in the valleys. Every accomplishment, every view from the mountaintop is awe inspiring. Remember that as you begin the journey down the other side of the mountain where it’s dark and slippery. Your why, your higher purpose must lift you up during some of your darkest moments. Relationships are the critical component leading to marginal or exponential success.

It’s never about if it’s going to hit the fan. It’s always when…

When competing priorities pull you in different directions, can you always focus on your performance?

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Leading Elegantly is the foundation to professional and personal success when you commit to being decisive, gaining more confidence and building momentum. If you want better job performance personally and from your people, to know the secrets to greater communication and engagement with your team and to have a healthier work-life rhythm, than your next best step is to experience the impact Elegant Leadership will have on you and your team. We offer an exclusive look into our four-step growth track so you can test the waters and kick the tires. This week is Step 3 and you can jump into any step anytime. This free website is where I work with professionals and Executives just like you.

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