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For many of us we’ve lived through the poor leader, the good leader and possibly a great leader. Why lead elegantly? An Elegant Leaders results prove without their leadership a considerably healthier future of the enterprise wouldn’t exist. For some of us, how should a leader look to us and to others and how should they behave? Is it okay to coerce people to get the results necessary sacrificing relationships strewn across the enterprise like shattered glass along the floor? Is it okay to create an environment where our relationships, above all else, are deemed far more valuable than any top or bottom line growth? How does an Elegant Leader find a healthy ego, keep it in check so as to provide a rhythm between results and relationships?

We invest in executives and business professionals by helping them solve communication, engagement and strategic issues with their people, their company and their Board.

Leadership presence is a huge topic today, and getting to the heart of having true leadership presence in every kind of communication in a simple, powerful and yes elegant way is critical to the success or failure of any organization. Discover what it means to be an effective communicator, and think strategically about communication as an important process – a system – in an organization.

Leaders often struggle with what they can do to have a more cohesive, engaged and productive group of employees. The billion-dollar costs of this situation are staggering in terms of employee turnover, according to Gallup,  low productivity, decreased customer or client satisfaction, the potential for increased error rates, and more. Recognize the strategies and implementation of how to bake in a comprehensive leadership and talent management process that gets to the heart of what truly matters to employees to elevate their motivation to stay, to perform, and to truly contribute to an organization’s success.

Setting strategic direction is not about debating every word in your vision and mission. Elegant Leaders establish the strategy, the tactics and the blueprint for execution in a clear, concise and compelling manner that moves the organization forward with the resources to support that execution.  We’re going to take some things off of everyone’s plate and do more with what we have versus doing more with less. It’s not an executive retreat. It’s an opportunity to see the space between the leaves and to have the courage to see the implementation through. The original article first appeared here.


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“Gaining more influence is where I needed to show more impact as a leader. With the 7 Steps to Become an Elegant Leader, I had a springboard for my success.” – Doug Erdmeier, President, Chicago

“The book gave me a leadership process to achieve my goal of being a better leader. My results speak for themselves and I didn’t have to force my people to get on board.” – Stacey Cunningham, VP, Field Human Resources

“Scott’s book gave me concrete advice and a method of execution and accountability that I’ve not found previously. If you’re looking to elevate your leadership and not just “take it to the next level,” then here’s your starting point.” – Cliff Brockman, Entrepreneur, Dublin, CA

“As a relatively new leader, inside an already successful company, I had to understand what is meant by leading in a multi-generational company. Modeling his “Southern Behaviors” in a Midwestern area was foreign to me, yet it came quite naturally. I’ve earned the right to advance and have found the team trusts and respects me and NOT just the title anymore – truly remarkable!” – Ben, Mutual of Omaha

“I’m often sidetracked by juggling priorities and responsibilities and the 7 Steps to Become an Elegant Leader with Voltage helps me stay focused and on target while managing through the chaos. Great tools that can be applied immediately and see results as fast.” – Richard Evans, Baker Mfg. CEO

“The 7 Steps book has helped me gain clarity and the ability to send clear messages to my people. I’ve learned how to concentrate on helping others, repair and solidify relationships and gain measurable results for us. I feel better about my personal relationships as well – thank you.” – Gail Greene, Executive Director, Non-profit

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