How would you like to…

Have greater influence, inspiration and improvement with your performance and that of your team?

Dramatically elevate your Leadership presence and performance?

Communicate and Engage your team towards better results and stronger, healthier relationships?

Here’s a proven in-depth methodology with strategies you can implement immediately. You don’t have any more time to devote to anything new on your calendar. What you do have is the ability to take simple, practical and powerful information and apply these proven principles into what you’re already doing every day.

External motivation is the ‘sugar-rush’ we all feel compelled to take on the world. It fails because the principles that hyped you up aren’t sustainable. The Elegant Leaders Advantage gives you strategies and tactics to apply immediately – that day. The only failure is not trying them and they take little effort on your part.

If you want to have greater communication and engagement with your team,

If you want to see greater personal results and improve the results with your team,

If you want to finally see a healthier work-life balance…

…then the Elegant Leaders Advantage series is for you!

begins Thursday, June 6th

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There’s really only one reason you won’t take the one small step to move forward:

I don’t know if it will work for me

Those last two words are the most critical. Our solutions have worked for thousands of people, hundreds of executives and business professionals and dozens of companies from 25 – 5,000 people in 12 countries. Why would you be the first person it won’t work for?

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We take simple, easy-to-apply principles everyday and guide you through from beginning to end. The first step is learning how one simple change can make a word of difference. A baseball player who gets 8 hits out of 30 at bats is an average player. Out of 750 ball players in the major leagues, there’s approximately 550-650 players near this stat. If he gets just one more hit – a flare, a seeing-eye-single, a blooper, squib or dinger – he’s a .300 hitter and well on his way to being the talk of ESPN and the league. One simple, practical step brings powerful results and stronger relationships to everyone you’re in contact with.

We’re going to show you how one simple change that’s easy to apply can turn your professional and personal life around in an instant. You have the ability and the capability to make this one simple change, too. It requires no skill on your part – simply a desire to ‘want to’ and the willingness ‘to do’.

Here’s What They’re Saying About Elegant Leader Advantage:

“The importance of how to improve my behaviors to help others was the biggest impact for me. Since completing all of the modules, my group has realized a 12% increase in throughput and we’ve reduced scrap by 28%. I’ve been able to apply real solutions to real problems that have given me sustainable results.’ – Nick P, Group Mfg. Mgr. 

“I have the sincere and honest desire; the courage to commit to change unproductive behaviors. This is no easy journey. It is not for teh faint of heart and it doesn’t happen overnight.” C. Kemmerer, President, The Buchner Group

“Great information – I was able to take this back to my group and encourage all levels to participate. It reinforced my mission and how to improve my leadership.” Don W., Director Operations

For 4 weeks, we will host one-hour webinars giving you the details – the what – and the practical application – the how to – so you can influence and impact the people in your life. Do you realize when you apply these proven princples, you’ll inspire people by your example? Do you realize you’ll actually be making a difference in their lives as well, while at the same time enhancing your own? Below are two complementary gifts just for considering the Advantage series:

Be the Message:

Click the link above and grab this free assessment; ask yourself these powerful questions, e.g., How are you showing up as a leader?

How to get your idea accepted in your organization

Click on the link above. There’s an art and a science to influence, to knowing the right conversations to have with others to get results, while keeping relationships strong.

Even if you don’t go any further, the two FREE gifts above – Influence Planning and Be the Message – will set you apart from your peers and colleagues and give you more freedom, more influence and greater performance and satisfaction in your role.

4 weeks to Influence with Impact beginning June 6th

Click on the image to visit the Advantage page to learn more…

We specialize in helping leaders, managers, and up-and-coming talent be more influential. We bring a six-part approach to take you from goal to result, and position yourself in the most powerful and effective way. Once you learn our process, you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it becomes to get things done, get everyone on the same page, set high expectations, and reduce the hassles that you face every day.

It’s great to have tools and a roadmap of what to do and how to do it, but what’s more important is being surrounded by people like you who are going through the exact same thing. Charlotte is a well-respected HR   Director for a large manufacturing company in the midwest. She’d been with her company for 4 years and offered many suggestions on how the organization could be more effective, efficient and a gerat place to work. None of her suggestions were ever acted upon and she was very frustrated…to the point she wanted help in finding another job. Three things were at play here for Charlottte.

  1. She didn’t have a seat at the table to influence those above her

  2. It’s likely she’d have the same frustrations when she found a new job

  3. She needed to communicate in a way that resonated with others to agree with her.

She applied our proven strategies and within six months her role and visibility were elevated because she offered insights into the pulse of the organization in a manner that executives took notice of. And, the manner in which she delivered those insights added value to her role within the organization. Charlotte is now the VP of HR and is often asked for her thoughts and insights on strategic direction from the C-suite.

Another example is from a new product manager for a large consumer products company. He can be described as anal or OCD; a hyper type-A personality. His people simply thought he was just a perfectionist pain-in-the-ass. When he recognized how people felt about him and how he’d squashed everyone’s ideas, he realized he was sabotaging his own career by his ineffective behaviors. It took some time to break down those tightly wound barriers of his, but he was finally able to let go and let his people’s ideas flourish. They felt less stress. He felt less stress. And, they began delivering a steady stream of new products like never before – 3X what they were previously producing along with all the collateral, research and customer data necessary to justify their entry into the market. Dave is now 2 years removed from our initial engagement and he’s now the SVP of New Product Development for the parent organization. He’s adopted our methodology for all of his NPD group across all brands seeing great results with the strongest relationships. Why?

Because he simply found a process, followed a process and repeated the process.

What we do is not rocket surgery. We’ve become so innundated with technology and distractions that we’ve eroded our center that gives you insight, creative thought and the practical application of proven processes. Isn’t it time you stopped, looked around you and said, ‘enough is enough’?

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Once you’ve joined one of our programs, you’re a member for LIFE! We don’t pat you on the back, take your money and wish you well. We’re linked up, connected to anytime you need advice or bounce an idea off, we welcome you to. We want you to! That’s a value add that no one offers today!

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Influence happens One Person at a Time!

It’s time to step into the Elegant Leaders Advantage!

Greater influence & performance personally & from your team

Elevate your Leadership presence and performance

Communicate and Engage your team towards better results and stronger, healthier relationships

Would you like to ask me questions or learn more? I always offer a no strings, no obligation phone call to see if you’re right for one of our programs and if we’re right for you. We want you to make the best decision for your unique situation and your future. Click here for my private calendar and pick a time that works for you.

Everything we do is secure and safe. We want to see you succeed, whether it’s with us or with someone you’re better suited with. We guarantee it! Maybe this isn’t for you, but  you’d like to know more about Elegant Leadership with Voltage. Simply fill out the box below and we’ll send you the Ultimate Guide to Leading Elegantly absolutely free just for considering our programs. We respect your privacy and won’t innundate you with useless emails or share you address with anyone.

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