Go Deeper With Each Other

We had a discussion last week on Leadership and how the Elegant Leadership platform came into being. The discussion evolved around that word elegant. Leading people isn’t much different that dating. My friend looked puzzled and quipped, “how’s that?”

Each person puts their best foot forward in an attempt to be liked by the other. They just want the other person to like them and so they present themselves in the best manner possible. Because everyone is on their best behavior, love is natural, invigorating, and energizing – so is an Elegant Leader. They lead simply, powerfully, practically and gracefully.

The problem is in both areas is we show who we truly are in time. That’s the point, ‘ sometime later’ you, me, everyone shows who we really are when the heat’s on, life’s struggles bubble up and stress mounts. It’s then we see the ugly truth.

Many people during the early dating stages are focused on finding the right person and then impressing their socks off when what they ought to focus on is being authentic.

Of course, you want to make a good first impression. But you need to get past that pretty quickly. In other words, get real about who you are. Yes, that creates a vulnerable feeling and, perhaps, a fear that your real self might push them away, but transparency helps your relationship become founded on the truth, not a lie. You’re real, not some ethereal image of what you think you’re supposed to be, to live up to. There are 5 tenets to Leading Elegantly with Voltage:






Hey, the good news is you can start over anytime – make amends and commit to being better at being better. Do you want to lead better or as I say with Voltage? Then communicate with everyone on a deeper level – understand their feelings, their needs – listen for them, ask about them and share more of your authentic self.

We talk about listening, learning and leading your life and influencing others with impact every week in the Elegant Leaders Advantage. It’s an exclusive growth track to break free from the past that’s kept you stuck, discover your unique leadership gifts and make a difference in the lives of others. Come along…it’s a pretty cool journey!

Here’s what people are saying about the Elegant Leaders Advantage:

“…it’s far more than just learning about leading. I’m learning and listening better! My relationships continue to improve at work, at home, and with my friends. I have less stress and I feel encouraged.” – Doug H., Regional Manager

“What a blessing to realize my gifts really do make a difference in other people’s lives. I knew I was made for something greater than just walking through life without purpose.” J. Hartman, VP, Finance & Administration.

“I thought we were solely learning about how to lead better. Scott has helped me uncover a deeper desire I’ve had in leading people and in that all of my relationships are benefiting.” Tom M., Director, UAB Medical Center

Learn more about authentic leadership, how a humble leader leads effectively, how having empathy and perspective inspires others, how behaving and communicating with transparency elevates your leadership results while strengthening relationships and why courage is the single most essential leadership quality required to Lead Elegantly with Voltage by clicking here. The next series begins June 7th.

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