How to Become an Elegant Leader

Leading Elegantly means guiding and directing in a dignified, gracious, polished, simple and effective manner. Do you lead elegantly? Do you have what it takes to become an elegant leader? Elegant leadership is timeless.

Becoming an Elegant Leader means the whole is better than its parts – the results prove that without their leadership a considerably healthier future of the enterprise wouldn’t exist. Why lead elegantly? What separates the poor from the good and the great leader? How should a leader look to others and how should they behave? Is it okay to coerce people to get the results necessary? Conversely, does an Elegant Leader invite a group hug at day’s end providing minimal results? Where’s ego play into relationships and results?

I could take a vote and no one would knowingly follow a disrespecting, duplicitous leader mired in self-righteous autocracy

Realizing we all are not where we want to be in our leadership competence and proficiency, it takes a resolute spirit and a healthy disposition to come to grips with less than stellar leadership behaviors and perceptions. Long-lasting learning comes at the intersection of being uncomfortable and the willingness to expand capacity. Leaders who evolve into Elegant Leaders have the following characteristics: [kleo_gap size=”12px” class=”” id=””]

  • They have a sincere and honest desire to elevate themselves,

  • They have the courage and desire to change

  • The willingness to ask for advice, and

  • They will commit to change and eliminate unproductive behaviors [kleo_gap size=”12px” class=”” id=””]

StartThe ones who choose to become an Elegant Leader will come out on the other side more successful, authentic, genuine and happier with themselves. They will guide and direct people, teams, families and organizations in a dignified, gracious, polished, simple and effective manner.  Here’s a bit of homework for you. Take a moment and reflect back into your leadership mojo, and ask yourself the following questions and uncover who you truly are as a leader.

Why am I doing this?

Starting with a clear understanding of your own purpose and that of your company is critical. Clarity of purpose, single-mindedness in order to make sure you are crystal clear as to why your efforts are needed and important must be identified. Know thyself.

What is it I want to achieve? 

How can you craft a vivid, 3D, Technicolor image of exactly what you want to achieve for your own career and that of your organization – the more specific the better. This image serves as your North Star and helps you aim and adjust along the way.

What’s my realistic starting point?

You can’t chart a course without truly understanding where to begin. There’s always a point A before a point B. Get clear on your current strengths and weaknesses, internal and external, so you can forge a thoughtful plan of action personally and for your organization as a whole.

Who or what is my “enemy”?

Identifying the obstacles up front allow you to see the difficulties clearly along the journey. Think who or what could derail your efforts, and build a strategy to overcome – know thy enemy.

What resources do I need?

Politicians need voters and donors. Mountain climbers need gear. Startups need capital, and so on. Without a detailed resource list, you will run out of “gas” along the way, and so will your business.

Who’s advice do I need?

Even seemingly individual sports like golf and tennis require coaches, trainers, and promoters. While individuals may take the credit, nearly every major human achievement is a team effort. Identify the critical roles you and your company need to help you accelerate growth, avoid risk, and provide needed support.

How will I measure it? 

The old adage, “what gets measured gets done,” is spot on if you’re looking to drive big results for your career and your organization. Measure and track each input and output to understand, and then optimize your model; and monitor, track and adjust some more along the way.

How can I break it into manageable tasks? 

Enormous projects, such as the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer or the Masdar Solar City, are always accomplished by tackling a long series of sub-tasks. Slice up the work in to stages and gates, hunks’n chunks, bits’n bobs. You can’t do it alone…

When can I begin? 

Greatness starts with a decision. Today, not tomorrow or next week, when you make time, not when it’s convenient. A burning sense of urgency is far more important than waiting for a perfect time. Back in the day, Cortez burned his ships, thus his men were well motivated.

Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs:  

the future can be better than the present, 

and I have the power to make it so. 

Now the suits tell me to offer the disclaimer to ensure none of you reading this post sets anything on fire for goodness sakes! Get off your butt and make it happen so you don’t turn around this time next year and ask ‘what happened’. Bring Elegant Leadership to your organization, avoid the pitfalls and be attentive to developing problems with the Executive Leaders Dashboard and learn to Master the practice of Elegant Leadership. Learn more here on Elegant Leader here, email me directly or call +1 205-482-2177 today!

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