Can you specifically state where your company is on the business growth cycle and where the market is headed in the next 12 months?

How about the 12 months after that?

In any LandNav it’s vital to verify the coordinates, the destination, the direction of travel and the pace of the route. But we’re not talking about getting from one point to another…or are we? You are less than 10 weeks out from your people being in ‘Holiday-mode’. You’ve got the following to finalize:

  • Budgets to approve, Revenue targets to hit,

  • Workforce Planning updates, changes and potential layoffs,

  • Government reg compliance and upcoming 2020 changes, 

  • Shareholder meeting, investor call and a BOD to answer to,

  • 10Q to file, final numbers to report and

  • Strategic Plan update

Where do you want to go and where must you go by the end of this year?

Why is there such a gap this late in the year?

You’re doing the best you can, but you know you have key holes here and there. Every team has an identity – you may like yours or you may not. You may have good depth and bench strength or you may not.Regardless, you have some serious concerns! ‘What if’  concerns if someone gets ‘injured.’ Injured in this context being not working to their potential, new hires learning how to navigate the landscape and in the stage of their professional career, legacy leaders going ROAD on you (retiring on active-duty) and talent wars from everywhere.

So what’s your desired state? 

You know you must first assess if you have the team capabilities to execute to the desired results. There’s a reason there’s 9 player positions in baseball, 11 in football. The question becomes, can you wait until next year to start fresh with a strategic exercise? Or, maybe you’re great at developing the plan, but not so much at implementation. What do you think your best next move is?

Maybe you think, ‘now’s the time for an off-site.’ Maybe you’re considering having some internal ‘retreat’ or strategy session to plan what 2020-2021 may or will look like. You can’t sit idly by and hope it’ll all work out (even if you’re not vocalizing it, but your body language screams it).

Here’s two things I’m giving you complementary as an idea jogger as to what your best next move may be. A simple, practical and powerful STRAP blueprint to get you started or help you refine what you’ve already set in motion.

Click on the image for our 4-Step Approach to Dominate Your Market

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If that’s not enough horsepower for you, consider our Strategic Implementation Assessment


Click the above image for the Strategic Implementation Assessment

What you don’t want to do is let anyone know you’re headed to Bora Bora or Barcelona for your Strategic off-site, when you can invite us to come alongside you and with our non-invasive approach, facilitate a high-value results driven solution to accelerate into the curve of 2019 before the race ends.

Before many of your employees are in holiday-mode – whether it’s taking longer lunches to find that Ninentendo Switch or the latest Alexa Fire Stick that’s been sold out damn near everywhere – the reality is the time drag exists. You’re either okay with it (btw that’s tolerating mediocrity) or you’re the crusty curmudgeon Scrooge-face everyone senses when you walk by. If that’s still not enough info to jog your mind into hi-gear, consider what we use with every Executive team when we initiate an engagement – Influencing Culture:  Accelerating Change with Influence and Impact.

You have windows of opportunity in front of you – BUT you must take advantage of them NOW! If you don’t respond with speed, quickness and agility, the moment – the window – closes. Even though it’s a mere 24-pages long, it will take you 10-12 hours to complete it. After you’ve digested the information and you think you’d like to know more, than simply contact me for a no obligation sounding board phone call here.

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