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Leading means investing time and energy into someone else; it’s creating a better tomorrow for your people by modeling the behaviors you want your people to exhibit. It means delivering significant sustainable outcomes. It’s inspiring people who inspire people who inspire your organization, community and beyond. When we do good for others it means we inspire others to do good as well for others. As social animals, our very survival depends on doing good for others – it feels good!

A Leader Worth Following leads:

By example,

With authenticity,

With confidence,

With empathy,

With ethics,

With fairness,

With generosity,

With humility,

With trust and cooperation,

Brings out the best in others, and believes in their people.

Don’t make promises for future goods and services. Invest in others with time and energy. Make that sacrifice to put your phone away, look the person in the eyes and truly listen, truly engage and give a shit about them as a person, not as an employee, not as a controllable expense, not as an output – but as someone you can inspire to do good for themselves and for others. Some leaders, not reading this article, may be dreadful and some are likable. If you’re the leader and you’re creating an environment, a climate, a culture of high performance and growth in a safe non-threatening way because you inspire people to do good, then chances are you’re likable. If you want to ensure your likable, then here are 7 traits of likable leaders that need no talent and very little effort.

7 Traits of Likable Leaders

They are:

Honest and genuine,




Work hard,

Recognize and reward results,

Reliable and considerate.

You can lead as a fountain or a drain – it’s your choice. And, just as every decision you made from every choice you have there are consequences – good or bad. It’s a choice. You can choose to lead well or not. Are you worth following?

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