AAA Framework for Culture

There are 3 unique dimensions of that affect and impact your corporate culture, and it’s up to top leaders to influence people to impact results with high-value relationships.

Everyone needs to know their impact or how their contribution is vital to the overarching purpose of the organization – Assignment

Everyone needs to know the boundaries within which to get work done, or ‘how we’re expected to get work done here’ – Alignment

Everyone needs to know how quickly they’re expected to perform or what behaviors constitute a sense of urgency – Acceleration

In your organization, you have symbolic reminders – entirely visible artifacts, cornerstone behaviors (some are sacred cows, some aren’t) the typical behaviors and habits triggered by your climate visible and invisible, and attitudes and beliefs or mindsets widely shared and unequivocably invisible. Of these, behaviors are the most powerful barrier to real, lasting change.

‘What people actually do matters more than what they say or believe.’

No different in your personal life or your professional life! You didn’t know you’re getting a FREE workshop in Marriage Counseling 400, did you? Here’s where we differ with so many so-called guru’s and unlicensed-practioners of culture. They would tell you that you MUST change critical behaviors first before mindsets follow.

‘If you don’t know what the hell you’re looking at how the hell will you know what to change?’

Too many initiatives fail for one simple reason – they focus inordinate amount of effort on trying to change a climate when in fact YOU’RE LOOKING FOR RESULTS! If you don’t demonstrate results YOU DON’T REINFORCE the culture you must have to have a sustainable change! ROI is King last time I checked, and if you’re not getting 5-10X ROI on damn near every investment you’re wasting valuable, precious resources!

What’s the answer? Identify what results you MUST HAVE where your people feel freedom and empowered to make decisions they won’t get blasted on so they WANT-TO change and not be forced to HAVE-TO change! BTW, aren’t they the ones closest to the problems? Might be a way to identify and evaluate how good your talent really is by opening up the planning cycle and allow some input. Hell, you might even create a pipeline of potential new leaders. What do I know, I’ve only been doing it for two-plus decades through the best and worst economies we’ve ever seen.

You may be asking and probably have asked yourself and your peers, ‘If it is so hard to change culture, why should we even bother to try?” Yeah I get it…over 70% of the efforts fail AND using one of the Big 3 is no guarantee either. An organization’s culture and more importantly its climate contains several reservoirs of emotional energy and influence. Executives who work with the rhythm greatly accelerate strategic and operating imperatives realizing extraordinary results. When they fight it, they lose. When positive culture forces and strategic priorities are in sync, your people draw energy from the way they feel, work, behave and are treated. This acceleration into and through windows of opportunity is your company’s momentum gaining competitive advantage, or regaining advantages that were previously lost. READ MORE>>>

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