Why Is One Successful and the Other Not

Dave and Steve are both seasoned managers, respected in their industry, and even from the same university. Both have taken on new positions with great companies. However, while Dave is hitting the ground running and making a great impression, Steve is making some crucial mistakes that could derail his career.

Why the difference in performance?

It is simple. Dave is working with Brookestone Associates to make a smooth transition during his crucial first 100 days in his new role. Steve isn’t.

As a result of his work with us, Joe is assimilating effectively into his new role, including:

  • Clarity about performance expectations, beyond the formal job description.

  • Understanding the culture, to avoid political landmines and adapt quickly to how things get done effectively.

  • Building strong relationships up, down, and across the organization.

  • Getting results at the right pace, while strengthening relationships and building trust and credibility.

Meanwhile, Steve lacks an accurate understanding of the organization’s culture and already has his boss and team questioning whether the company made the right decision to bring him in. This is not uncommon. According to several research sources, most newly hired managers through senior directors fail within the first 18-21 months.

If you are transitioning into a new role, be like Dave, and not like Steve. Our 3-month transition coaching program will help you solidify your reputation and avoid costly traps by both parties. Or, if you are a Human Resources professional, you can ensure key new hires get the support they need during their crucial transition phase and are set up for long-term success.

To learn more, contact us 205-482-2177 or email, and be sure to click here and download our FREE “100 Day Transition Assessment” tool.

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