I was flying from Chicago last week and someone asked me, ‘What does Leading Elegantly really mean…like can you give me a quick peek into what’s it all about?’ Trying to avoid being an egotistical self promoter, I asked what prevents you from being a great leader? Below are answers to the obstacles so many of us face. We think we don’t have time to Lead the way we should – Elegantly – so we discount the relationship ‘interruption’ as an obstacle. You asked for the ‘blue pill’ well here it is!

Desk Time

Tired of drive by shootings? The, ‘hey gotta minute?’ build autonomy, empowerment and access. Take control of your office time and let your key touch points know when you’re around and willing to make time for them. Invite them, teach them, inspire them, lead them!

No Rules

Stop penalizing the 99% on the actions of 1%. Hire great people and establish healthy boundaries during the interview so everyone knows what they’re getting into before you hire them and make a costly mistake. Some will still do stupid stuff – coach’em up.

Build Relationships

The one commodity you cannot recapture is time. Fill your calendar with high-value touch points and less meetings. Results come via people. Avoid time stealers and invest where your largest return is – people. It must be important if 2 of top 3 here revolve around people!

Be the Message

Being authentic builds trust and perpetuates a safe environment. If you’re not you, then your people must guess who the hell you are. Be the example you want them to be when you’re not looking.


Think About It

Take 20 minutes everyday to do nothing but think. No distractions, no interruptions, nothing. Work towards increasing this time to an hour or two each week – stimulate your prefrontal cortex to generate new ideas.


Stow It 

Put your phone away! Leave it in your pocket and let go of your FOMO. And no, turning it over on your desk is still annoying and sends the message THAT’S more important than someone in your presence…fear of missing out if you’re not tracking.

Heart First

The single greatest reason leaders fail is due to their ego! Thinking with your head and leading from there is an old broken model. Do you want to lead well with great results and stronger relationships? Lead from your heart. Care, loyalty, engagement all come from the heart. Be likeable!

Reveal It

Your transparency drives speed of action, decision quality and improves engagement. If you don’t tell them, they’ll think the absolute worst. Stop making your people guess!

Leadership is a calling not a choice. You shape the culture of your team by what you do and don’t do, what you say and don’t say. Now it’s your turn to answer the question, ‘Why do you lead’ and ‘What does Leading Elegantly mean to you?’ Want more? Go here…

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