Rejuvenating Your Career – What Happened vs. Make It Happen

All of us have gone through a least one major career transition and many of us will experience more than 4 of these life changing events in our lifetime. Whether we were laid off, fired, changed industries, moved across country, transitioning from military service, returning from retirement, illness or a sabbatical, the reasons are innumerable, but the feelings and emotions are all the same – fear, uncertainty and doubt. There are two types of people when it comes to exiting transitions successfully:

  1. Those who are prepared and successful, and
  2. Those who are not.

We challenge you to perform work that is uncomfortable.  It takes bravery and courage to be steadfast in your journey to the end. Rejuvenation begins with looking through a new and different lens of learning. It’s at this intersection between consciously competent (knowing what you know) and consciously incompetent (not knowing what you know) where we realize we have much to learn and we are conflicted by it.

Turn Every Setback Into A Comeback – Grant Teaff

No one wants to look foolish nor embarrass themselves – facing the awkward state of learning something new – the temptation to retreat from the discomfort, clumsy and awkward stage of learning in order to gain control will always be there. Looking ahead to create organic, lasting personal and professional growth comes from moving you out of your comfort zone. Be uncomfortable and uncover what may have been hidden in the dark for a long time.

Comfortable in the gray

Comfortable in the gray

Your challenge is to recognize the process of learning for what it is and embrace it – the sweaty armpits, the rapid heart rate and the dry throat feelings. In learning how to scuba dive, one of the greatest fears and most exhilerating times is your first solo dive (with a buddy) as you leave the bright blue and submerge towards the gray. When you move from resistance to acceptance, you are able to harness considerable momentum to carry you forward with the by-product being growth and the reward being triumph!

So What Happened?

Why did ABC Company make a change that involved me? Why, after I’ve put my heart and soul into this organization, did they toss me away like a rag doll? No one else can do what I do, so why did they let me go? All very valid, true and emotional questions many of you have asked yourselves. ALL of the same questions I’ve asked myself, co-workers, friends, relatives – in that conversation in the dark when no one else was around. I’ve experienced all those emotions and then some. We all have. You’ve given your all, rose quickly up the corporate ladder, led regions, a division even National and International business units, sat at the table of mergers and acquisition, been hired away by a global organization and in the end – the nice guy finished last. Left without a seat at the table while the music stopped.

You gave them EXACTLY what they wanted, when they wanted. Now you’re no longer wanted.

It didn’t matter that either you and your team grew revenues exponentially, reduced costs by the millions, or joined multiple companies to take advantages of integration, expanded distribution footprint. Every time, someone higher has told you to leave, AND never given a reason why other than what I now understand is this – you gave them EXACTLY what they wanted, when they wanted it and now was no longer needed.

The secret, and it’s no secret – it’s not about you and you know what – it never was!

There’s a reason, a purpose, a season for everything and unfortunately and sometimes legitimately – shit happens that affects us all in, through and during our careers! If you want to cry about it, go ahead, I encourage it; get it out, you need that emotional release and it’s okay to do so – give yourself permission to grieve. One warning though, don’t stay there trapped, mired in self-defeating, immobilizing unworthiness, because that’s not who you are.

You are special, one-of-a-kind, a true professional who is dedicated and determined to do their level best in everything they do. As a redneck friend of mine always says, “God din’t make no junk.” So, where do we go from here? We pull up our bootstraps, zip it up from the front, and turn every setback into a comeback!

7 Steps To Rejuvenating Your Career

Guerilla Marketing For Your Career. Achieving your conventional career goals with unconventional methods is the groundwork for today’s economic and career volatility, and a guerilla mindset is critical. We offer a 10-step program implementing ten attitudes into actionable behaviors to create a guerilla mindset for your career.

Strategic Career Development. Many busy executives seek work-life rhythm, blending or managing overwhelm. Together, we analyze your past experiences and discuss options to pursue a career or a role that aligns with your core values. Find happiness with your career and your life in an exciting process of discovering your ideal career, based upon your intrinsic interests, motivational traits, personal work style, personality, values, skills, and aptitudes. We include a Strategic Search Workout, a Compensation Strategy or our Entrepreneurial Business Ownership discussions.

How to Leverage Your Powerbase. If you don’t understand people, then you don’t understand business! The quality of your community of professional relationships ensures your success or failure in business and in life. You must make a conscious effort, a habit, on leveraging strong relationships, nurturing neutral ones and restoring and salvaging poor relationships. Together, we identify your Powerbase, assess key relationships, understand each person, implement strategies and approaches to expand those relationships, and construct on ongoing process of building strong professional relationships.

Bulletproof Your Career. Instead of waiting and wondering what happened when your employer jettisons you from your position, we take professionals and executives through the critical steps to put a plan in place and ensure your career is Bulletproof. By building your self-awareness and confidence, we deliver a clear, personalized plan to Bulletproof Your Career, improve your overall performance and decrease the time it takes to find a new professional, executive-level position or entrepreneurial opportunity. High value tools are created to leverage your career portfolio and one-on-one conversations that add meat-on-the-bone to achieve your personal career goals are provided.

Bulletproof Your Career

Bulletproof Your Career

From Outplacement to Rejuvenation. For some, offering personalized assistance that builds your self awareness and confidence with a clear plan of action is your starting point. Departing senior-level executives, directors and managers experience a personalized Executive Branding plan to improve overall performance and peace of mind. Live one-on-one, not virtual assistance, including hours of in-person interview preparation based on your individual skill sets and intangibles, and all of the tools and support a business professional, executive and organizational leader expects and more are provided.

6 Weeks to a Rejuvenated Career. Maybe you don’t need a great deal of guidance, but would benefit from gaining clarity about your aspirations and an understanding of how to leverage your talents that lead to a rejuvenated career. We’ll design and build your profile, rehearse interview techniques and develop an action plan that energizes your career. In addition to jump starting your search, you will gain valuable insight on getting your financial house in order, how-to navigate the 7 Stages of Rejuvenation and an in-depth career and leadership assessment tool to springboard your motives and values related to work choices – 6 weeks to a new You!

The 7th Step. The seventh step is the most critical step of all and that is to take Just One More Step. Last summer, I took on a 72-hour challenge I had not faced for thirty years. What was most difficult was the struggle to not give up, even though the toll those thirty years have taken on my body in order to survive for 72-hours was clearly on my mind. Every step became increasingly more difficult and every evolution pushed me to the max of my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self.

With the constant stressors and outside influences taxing every ounce of my being, all I could remember was an instructors yell from over 30-years ago echoing in my head, “keep going…just take one more step.” Your longest hour is only 60-minutes long, and instead of giving in and giving up, I could find a way to take one more step. I had no energy to focus on the evolutions ahead of me. I couldn’t muster enough mental wherewithal to determine how much more I could take, because that amount of despair would make it easier to quit. I could just take one more step!


  • What’s one step you can take to be prepared in your career?
  • What’s one step you can take to plan your next career move?
  • What’s one step you can take to come closer to a great positive mental attitude?
  • What’s one step you can you take to further build your expertise or learning advantage in your field?
  • What’s one step you can make to achieve your most ambitious and inspiring goals for your career?
  • What’s one step you can make to strengthen an important relationship in your Powerbase?
  • What’s one step you can take to develop your back-up plan?

No matter what obstacles are placed in front of you – real, imagined, physical, emotional, financial, spiritual – it is up to each and every one of us regardless of our circumstance to turn every setback into a comeback and Make It Happen! It’s no secret that ‘what I whisper in the dark, you should shout from the rooftops,’ because the only thing holding you back is you – the belief you have in you because of what you’re going through. I’m here for you, and yes, I believe in you, even though I don’t even know you. I do know what you’re going through, and I do know how to get you to where you want to go in life personally and professionally. It’s my desire to deliver authentic elegant leaders in today’s business world. I welcome the opportunity to establish and build a long-term relationship with you if you’re brave enough to step out on faith and have the courage and conviction to see it through. I can be reached by calling +1 205-482-2177, or email me. The conversation continues…

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