I won’t bore you with the typical lead-in to making New Year’s resolutions or why they fail banter. Being late to the new year, this diatribe was to drop last week, but I knew you would’t have read it anyway in your Holiday-Hangover-Bowl-Championship induced stupor so shoot me.  By now, most of you have returned to your cubicle in the Tower of Ivory and have begun pouring through key company data from year’s end. Many of you are invested in this data and are keenly aware of developing or continuing to hone your analytical and quantitative skills to a Yoda-like level of proficiency. The road map to business prosperity in 2017 can be succinctly captured in these 3 simple resolutions every CEO must focus on, communicate throughout every level of the organization and ensure the swift execution of same.

#1 Focus on What Truly Matters to Grow and to Sustain the Organization

It’s not a spun-up let’s get everyone in the boat mantra. Take it deeper and broader in context and content. Ask yourself,

Why do we do what we do?

What is it that we do far better than anyone else?

How can we ensure the sustainable edge we’ve created?

The new year promises more than a fresh start or a new beginning. It signals a new energy of hope, prosperity and the will to win. It certainly helps to have a pro-business leader at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, also. Avoiding last year’s strategy that got us to 12/31/16 and expecting different results won’t do. Using the relevant resident data to carve out what your organization excels at and positioning it to your market so every person at every level “gets it” is what’s required to be successful in the new year.

Furthermore, every employee must be able to communicate it clearly and in a compelling manner to their colleagues, your vendors, business partners and so on as well as hitting your competitors squarely between the eyes. This is what’s known as delivering “No Place to Hide Leadership.”  It’s your duty to bake into your culture how important and committed Leadership is!

#2 Identify Must Do Milestones for 2017

Everyone needs to know why each milestone is important, maybe even critical to your success. What are the Must Do Milestones and how are they supposed to get there given their role and goal or function and objectives. It’s about catching everyone doing something right; better and faster or effective and efficient. The day’s of doing more with less are long since gone, yet some of you still cling to the meritorious mediocrity mentality.

Do more with what you have! They have the skills, the aptitude, the capacity to stretch and hit the mark. And, when you get there, take time to celebrate each milestone when it’s reached. It’s your duty to ensure resources for growth in their role and in leadership are available and demonstrate daily through your observable behaviors how you value people if you want them to reach your goals!

#3 Get Intimate With Your Customers 

Now before you jump on the anti-bandwagon, I get it some of you don’t have an organization that’s structured for customer intimacy and I’m not suggesting you change your discipline. What I expect you to do as the leader is everyone who has a direct relationship in one form or another with a customer understand your customer’s needs more intimately than ever before. They must instinctively know and even better be able to anticipate their wants from you, know where the gaps are between their wants and your deliverables, what their pain points are and how working with you resolves that pain, etc. and most importantly at the lowest practical level. It’s your duty to be the preferred provider by being worthy enough to Lead.

How easy is your company to do business with?

Where are the opportunities to remove obstacles that prevent excellence from your own people for whatever reason?

What will it take to create effortless power on your part?

If you’re going to assemble a team that will do whatever it takes in the moment during the good times and more importantly when, not if, the proverbial stuff hits the fan, then stop settling for present circumstance, break through from where you are today to where you want to be.

It’s been said, there are companies who watch what happen,

those who wonder what happened and those who


I Resolve to Lead

Stop struggling with conflict of the organization’s values, vision, and priorities and know what’s most important for success and satisfaction. We have a tool that will ensure you stay true to your Resolutions called the Elegant Leader’s Dashboard. Get yours today by simply clicking here.

Here’s a special BONUS for you from The Culture Whisperer – an Elegant Leaders Top 10 for 2017.

An Elegant Leaders Top 10 for 2017

  1. Reward success not effort; remember action gets results, not motion.
  2. Shift your culture from entitlement to one of mutual accountability
  3. Have your leaders be Enablers of Success
  4. Take educated risks often
  5. Handle the rock in setting direction or managing change (you’re on point)
  6. Leverage leaders from within by growing leaders from within
  7. Promote all-in – take what you got and do the very best you can every day
  8. Inspire your leaders to inspire others
  9. Don’t manage people. You manage process and lead people.
  10. Lead. Model the behaviors you want modeled by valuing people

For more information on High Performance Leadership or what Elegant Leadership with Voltage can do for you or your organization, please visit our website.

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